Bad day in the garage

Sep 11, 2004
Damn, what a bad day. (I don't feel bad though)

First, I burn a table with a trouble light. I was using it to heat my knives after Militec, left it on for a few hours. When I finally went to go check on them, I could smell something starting to burn, lifted up the box and nothing. I then noticed some black stuff around the light, so I lifted that up. Needless to say, I found a huge chared spot in the middle of my table. Not only that but my knives were too hot to handle...

Then 3rd attempt on the homemade micarta, switched from those 2 vial epoxies (from the 2nd and successful attempt), to the Fiberglass resin. I think I put too much hardener, and made too much at one time. Also I almost forgot to put the wax. So when I got to the 3rd or 4th layer, I noticed that the resin was jello-ie. I tried mixing it to soften or break it up, but I broke my stiring stick. The cup got really hot (could see steam) and melted a plastic coating on the outside of the cup I was keeping it in.

So I got a burnt my work bench, then I made a 5" by 6", 4 layer sheet of micarta. What a day.
I can't help but laugh.....
Of course I can't help but htink of the hundreds of times I did something similar to your doings...

Peter is right....keeps you humble...

Heat your plates up with a torch or something, they will peel off without too much trouble.
Matt Shade said:
Heat your plates up with a torch or something, they will peel off without too much trouble.

Yep did that today, I still got to work on the table though.

Ok, question time:

I got a thin sheet of micarta (like product) out of the plates, but there are many spots where the epoxy didn't get to well. What causes this?

I'm sure I put even pressure, and I'm sure I put enough epoxy.

Unless, it was because it started hardening up when I was laying down the layers.

OH, one more, if I decrease the amount of hardener, will it give me more working time, and not sacrifice strength? I'm using a Bondo all purpose fiberglass resin (something like that).
The bad spots are most likely the result of the resin setting up.If it gels,if is too late.
I would get rid of the Bondo stuff.It is designed for quick repairs and fast setting time.Get some regular epoxy resin from a boat supply or plastic supply.Talk to the sales rep about what you are doing.Tell them you want the slowest possible set time.They can guide you on slowing the set time.To a degree,reducing the hardener will slow set time.But it can affect the hardness and stickiness of the cured resin.