Bad Dreams About Spine Whacking

Aug 11, 2001
Good morning men! Has anyone else woke up from a bad dream about spine whacking lately. I woke up early this morning in a cold sweat from a terrible nightmare. I had just received a new combat folder in the mail and I had to open it with a crowbar it was so big. I said to myself that I definitely have to put this thing thru the spine whack test because if I can't rely on this blade from folding, it will kill me for sure. So, with all the strength I could muster up (as a young man I used to be able to bench press 225 lbs), I got this thing up on my shoulders and carried it over to a telephone pole and swung it as hard as I could and when it hit that telephone pole, it failed and the blade came swinging right back at me. I was horrified and at that very moment woke up in a cold sweat. I guess I deserved that bad dream from what I seem to have started here at BF. Smile, things are going to get better.