Bad Influence

Dec 15, 2000
I don't know if anyone has ever told you, but you folks are a real bad influence. I originaly came here looking for suggestions on a new knife to carry off-duty. Since I have been lurking here I have purchased a CRKT M16, Point Guard (2 also given away), and KFF along with that USMC Fighting knife I have wanted since being a kid, and today to top it all off I was in a local store and a Benchmade 730 SBT with the purple/black scales just screamed my name (thank goodness for that Christmas gift cirtificate). I have my eyes on a few more goodies too.
geez,i was about to get pissed off.yeah,since i signed on a while back my life has not been the same,these....these....HEATHEN!!!!

empty your wallet and enjoy.
Join the club, last year because of bladeforums, The knives that I can rember buying is the BM model 42, a Microtech Mini SOCOM, a CRKT KFF from a member, a balisong pen from smoke, a book from him too, and I think a few more spydies too.

(No wonder I have no money)
Don't worry,
It get WORSE!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

Do yourself a BIG favor...If you DON'T want to spend all of your money, then DO NOT (I repeat...DO NOT) visit the "Knives For Sale/Trade" Forum here at BladeForums.
That Forum can become VERY habit-forming, and VERY expensive.

Dann Fassnacht
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Bad Bad Place.
But at lest here there are people that

The pen is mightier than the sword...but not as much fun!

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Yeah, well just wait until you graduate from mainly factory knives to buying custom knives from guys like Dean, Hancock, Fisk, Crowell, etc.. If its not too late already!

Danbo, soul brother of Rambo
Danbo - Luckily my finaces won't currently allow a change from factory to custom Knives ;-). I am addicted to custom holsters for my firearms, however.
It is immature and irresponsible to spend all of one's disposable income on knives.

Some funds should be reserved for a Sharpmaker 204, stopping stuff and Normark sheaths.
Yep, this is a bad place to hang out for your pocketbook
I discovered BF a little over six months ago when I was researching a new hunting knife...little did I know that I would become a certified knife knut. I visit this forum many times a day, and have to control my impulses when I check out the exchange
this is your brain....this is blade forums...this is your brain on blade the picture?....any questions?

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I don't have a problem........I can stop any time I want to.

Just watch out for the guys on the corner

"hey man.....the first tuff cloth is free"


"fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"