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Bad Logic?

Apr 5, 2000
The clip on my LCC bent (of course) so I called Microtech and asked them to send me a replacement. I got the clip (actually 3) but can't find a torx key small enough to fit the screws (T5 or T6) in any of the local hardware stores. So I have reverted to buying online. I found a site to buy them from and as I was about to place my order I thought "I am going to pay $7 shipping and handeling for $10 of merchandise. I need to offset this fee by adding a few hundred dollars to the charge." The way I figure it, I may as well save myself a few extra dollars and go ahead and throw a knife in with the keys instead of paying $7 down the road when I order another knife. Does that make sense to anyone else but me?
Does anybody know a knifesite where I can order some torx keys and a William Henry or a Microtech? Thanks for all the help!
i think it does.
theres no sense in paying seven extra bucks for something like a coupla torx bits.i say get a knife too
Sounds like perfect logic to me. You have chosen the perfect item to add to your transaction.

BM sells a torx kit for about $12.00, it works for all the knives I have including the LCC. I'm sure there are several sites that have this tool for sell.
Bayou Lafourche has the Benchmade Torx Kit and also William Henry and Microtech all for good prices.

By the way, your logic is impeccable!


It does sort of make sense, depending on how bad you need/want a new knife! Two options:

1. One Stop Knife Shop, which is basically right here, carries Benchmades Torx kits and a fairly large selection of new blades.

2. Sears, of which there is probably one not that far from you, has them that small in their Craftsman tools. You can get them in either the Allen bit type or they make them in the dedicated screwdriver style. I think that the smallest that they go though is T6.

Good luck and Take care.

I bought a whole set of them at Sears Hardware, right next to the screwdrivers. I just toted along a couple of knives with various size torx heads, and matched them up. Got five different sizes (with ergonomic handles to boot!
) for around five bucks.

But hey, any reason to buy another knife, I guess...


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Works for me!
Any reason to get a new knife seems like sound logic to me.

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I couldn't find any screwdriver type torx drivers at all in sears the other day. I did see a few in some of those 150+ drill kits that comes with pretty much 47 different types of slotted and phillips bits and some useless stuff. They were too big though.
I have seen them in another sears store and they had the smaller ones, I guess its hit and miss. If you've got to get one online you sure as hell should buy a knife and save the $7 you'd be spending on shipping in the future

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Surprisingly enough, I went to the Sears, the Home Depot. and a few other large hardware stores in Toledo and didn't find anything. I went to the Home Depot here in Cincinnait and still didn't find anything. Nobody seems to carry Torx keys below T10, I guess noone really has much use for them. Thanks for all the help!
I really am creating more problems. I just saw the edc for sale along with a Brute and a few William Henrys, what's worse I really want a DA LCC! What I am supposed to do?
Perfect sane logic, rather stupid asking that here...
what other answers do you expect from all the other knifeknuts here? i find myself doing this all the time, and it always keeps me broke

Get that LCC D/A, they are great! i'd try to find one with micarta scales.

Good luck!

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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Sort of makes sense. Same thing that I think about when I order things, take the order value right to the top edge of the postage band, just to make it worth while.

Then again I am put in mind of a cartoon I saw some years back, cannot remembter the name:
Husband shocked about a foot in the air at the sight of all the bags his wife has brought back after shopping in the Christmas sales. "But darling just THINK of all the money I have saved."

Err, yeah, right spend $60 'cause if you don't you will have to pay $7 more later. Tough choice!!
Your logic is impeccable. When you order, just remember to forget the torx keys the first couple of times (I go to Wal-Mart all the time, and it usually takes three trips to get what I originally went in there for). That way you can get two or three knives out of the deal
GOOD Thinking Owen.

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