Badger Knife Show - Janesville, WI 3/23 - 3/25

May 13, 1999
Ah, how time flies! Badger is nearly upon us! This year promises to be the biggest and best Badger ever. If you're in the area, missing Badger is absolutely inexcusable!

We will (TKC-L & BFC types), of course, be having dinner at Damen's (right across the parking lot), to gather, eat ribs, drink beer, and frighten the sheeple with an awesome array of show-and-tell sharp stuff. Plan on Saturday night. Hope to see you there!
I will be there on Friday because the CADA show is Saturday and even though firearm collecting is dying(collectors in their 50's, shows dying) I still attend. Knife collecting is alot easier and the knives are easier to store and keep.Dick. Who is going to attend the Badger show on Friday?
Thanks for posting the dates. Do you have an address or cross streets for the show? My son and I plan to drive up on Saturday. Thank You...Ed.
Man Brian, I am envious! Want to go to Badger, just don't have the funds! Maybe next year! You enjoy, I will be there in spirit!


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It's kinda like Christmas all over again . . .

Okay, I guess I'll have to come Saturday as well as Fri just so I can meet everyone! Brian, what time do we meet for dinner?

Here is more info for whoever needs it:
Janesville, WI at the Holiday Inn Express/Janesville
Conference Center, 3100 Wellington Place. 175 tables. $3.00 at door, $5.00
for three day pass. Friday March 23, 3-8pm, Sat 24th 8am-5pm, Sun 25th
9am - 3pm. Exit 171C from I-90.

Contact info: Bob Schrap,

Unfortunately now that I've transplanted myself from Iowa to Michigan I won't be able to make the show this year, but for anyone deciding whether to go or not, definitely make time for this trip. The TKC-L guys were really nice and dinner at Damon's was fun. These guys had zero qualms about busting out big knives, and I think we made some people nervous, which added to the fun factor! The show itself was great...I haven't been to any "real" knife shows other than Badger, but it seems like a good mix between big enough and not too big. We had plenty of time to see all the tables, talk to makers, return to the ones we really liked, etc, and there were suppliers like Koval's with tons of knifemaking stuff. Lots of people selling high quality titanium, steel, handle materials, etc. There were many excellent bargains, too, although I was pinching pennies and walked out of the show with just a Greco Little Baron. Several lesser-known makers were selling excellent quality stuff for dirt cheap. Anyway, check out the show if you can. I am tempted to make the drive even from Michigan, but I doubt I will.

Steve Agocs, D.C.
I'll be there Friday and Saturday, looking forward to meeting anyone and everyone. I'll set up with someone (Danbo?) ahead of time to serve as a "meeting table" where we can congregate. Expect to hear about that one as I figure it out.

Since I just found out about an exhibitor's function Saturday from 5:30-7, dinner will probably be about 6:30 or so, to allow those guys to attend both functions. With the "ahem" limited Janesville nightlife, you've got to give everyone all the chances they can get!

Follow Summerland's directions - you can see the Holiday Inn from the expressway, so they'll get you right there.
Hey, sorry to take so long to post this. You all are welcome to come and meet at my table(where ever that may be?). Good times will be had by all. Its a room full of sharp, pointy things. How bad of a time could it be? See ya there!

Danbo, soul brother of Rambo
So there you have it - hang out at Danbo's table, and the guy fondling big honkin' bowies next to you is probably a BFC or TKC-L (or both!) member.
I might try to get up there on Friday. Would be nice to meet a few other formites!
Hey BT,

Are you staying overnight or are you driving back and forth?

Maybe we can travel together. (Less money on gas = more money for KNIVES.)


Thanks in advance,

The entire Kewanee IL TKC/BF delegation will be there! (save room for one)
Is it possible to commandeer our own area in Damon's so we aren't in among the common folk?
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Brian_T:
Hey BT,

Are you staying overnight or are you driving back and forth?

Maybe we can travel together. (Less money on gas = more money for KNIVES.)

Thanks in advance,


I will be there for the whole weekend, and chauffering around a Mr. Broadwell out of Texas. If you can make it to O'Hare for pickup Friday, with return on Sunday, I'll be glad to drive you up as well. Another Brian_T should take up less space than another person, I figure. Room in the trunk for 2+ bodies, so a couple extra weekend bags shouldn't be a problem. Rooms are cheap at the Holiday Inn ($69 gets you a whirlpool! Calgon, take me away!), but going fast...

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I'll bring some to keep at Danbo's table. If you use a handle on BFC other than your name, you might want to put both on the tag...

And thanks for bringing this BTTT!
I was planning on being down there Fri.and Sat. Now it looks like I may only be able to make it on Fri. Hope to see alot of you.
From the sound of things, we may have a Friday get-together as well...

Whatever day you plan on being there, make sure you stop by Danbo's before you leave to find out where and when dinner's going to be!
This will be my first year visiting this show, I will not be able to get there til sunday, will it be closing up early ? I may not be able to arrive til 11 or 12.

Will it still be worth a trip from the Chicago suburbs?