Baked epoxy powder by CS

Oct 29, 1998
I have CS Recon Tanto and after slicing bread the epoxy coating was scratched badly so the steel is exposed. OK, it was rough and tough bread but anyway. I have LTC Kukri with the same(?) coating wich was used for a lot of wood chopping and heavy work. There are some marks but nothing serious. Even the feel of two coatings is different. The one of LTC is more like a ceramic, while tanto is more like a rubber.
I use clove oil on both to prevent rusting.
I sliced a bunch of tomatoes before bread. Did tomato melted epoxy?
Or is it completely different coating?

Thank you.

The coating should be the same. My tanto coating is like ceramic not rubbery. I don't have an LTC so I don't know about that one. But if all you were doing was cutting bread, that coating should not have scratched so easily. I have not used my tonto that much , but have used the SRK with the same coating and have not scratched it yet. I really don't care about those coatings anyway. If I had my choice I would ask them not to put the coating on the knife. It is much easier for me to keep the knives wiped down with rust preventer after every use than to worry about the coatings.
Sounds like you have a defective coating or maybe a poor aftermarket coat application? I have the CS Recon Scout with the epoxy coating and even after quite a bit of scuffing, its held up beyond my expecations.

For areas where the metal is visible, I apply liquid gun blue with a cotton bud - this takes care of rust prevention and makes the scratches less visible (if that's important to you.) I wouldn't recommend using a well blued blade for food prep tho... the residue does taint your fingers if you touch the blade.

I don't think my Recon Tanto was modified in any way. It was NIB and I bought it from the same dealer as LTC, here in Zagreb, Croatia. Knife seems OK. It cuts very good, holds an edge very good and it's easy to resharp.
There are engraved words "RECON TANTO" on one side of ricasso, and "COLD STEEL CARBON V(R) MADE IN USA" on the other.
Just an hour ago I tried to remove the black coating with my finger nail. I peeled 4 by half cm very easy. There is another coating under the black one. This one is brown-gold and feels like metal. This, peeling, is possible only on some parts of the knife (near sharp edge) where coating was smelted by something (tomato comes to my mind).
I was just surprised by the fact that two coatings are so different. I don't care if the coating peels off completely, actually I believe I will do it by myself very soon.

I might be mistaken, but I seem to recall a similar discussion earlier....might have been elsewhere.
But there was a suggestion that CS had switched coatings at some point because of peeling.
I recently parted with a Recon Scout...the coating was like an enamel. I think it was the later finish and I cannot imagine it would have peeled under "normal" use.
If ZoxX bought his knife in Croatia, there is a fair chance it is an older one ??

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During my "adventure" in trying to get a proper Recon Tanto (I think I eventually saw 5 different ones during the "return-get another defective one" cycles), I definitely saw a change in the blade coating.

I'd say return it to Cold Steel for replacement, but that might take months and months.

Can you exchange it from the dealer you bought it from?

Thank you all,

it's obvious that my RT is an old type (leather sheath).

I'm going to remove entire coating. It was either tomato or clove oil which smelted it on the first place. I'll try these :)
I did it. I removed the coating from my CS Recon Tanto. It was clove oil which smelted the coating. However, clove oil has no effect on LTC coating. I removed all using clove oil, finger nails and sand paper. Then I paid 10 kunas ($1.50) to local craftman and he polished the blade. Now it looks better.