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Bali Guy's - help needed for research project

Apr 5, 2001
I'm assisting on a project regarding the entertaiment industry, advertising, and populist jounalism's influence on public policy. The premise being that perceptions taken from these so-called sources, are skewed and worthless to base laws upon. And than repeated negative imagery is used reinforce these sham policies.

Being a banned balisong user from the late seventies, I know both the automatic and balisong have been vilified in media, which lead to widespread banning.

Here's where I need your help. Can you direct me to any advertising campaign, in print or video media, where a balisong is used to reinforce a negative image, in promoting a unrelated product?

I would need to know the product line and rough dates the ad ran.

I caught the thread about the body armor, so that's one. Any others?

Thanks in advance,

Read back a week or so and you'll see on from Sweden where a balisong was used to portray the dangers of smoking.
If you have the means to do screenshots off DVD's, on the second disk of Fight Club, there's this hidden catalog. One item is that "Butterfly Buck Knife"- it mentions that criminals commonly use balisongs, etc.