balisong/butterly knives

Feb 13, 1999
I got a butterfly knife because they look so cool. I have a problem though, I can't do a darn thing with it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that had detailed descriptions and/or diagrams. A book will work if you know of a good one. It is getting hard to operate pages now since I started using the internet and scrollbars. thanks for helpin'.
I believe that the "Balisong Manual" and "Advanced Balisong Manual" would be helpful. If I remember correctly, they were authored by Jeff Imada.
I was looking at those, I wasn't sure if they focussed on battle techniques or just ways of opening and closing. I don't really need to know fighting techniques because one of my fiends is gonna show me that stuff. He only knows one way to open and close it. Any ideas on what is in either of the books??

(they are on Amazon, it might be nice if you know to write a review of the books.)
I have both books. Thier contently is mostly opening/closing tricks. I'd say about 15% of the books are devoted to knife fighting technique (and moreso in the second one if I remember...).
does bold work never mind that...

anyway, any other resources like movies or websites??
-mike again
There are a couple of videos for sale. I believe the last add I saw for one was in Tactical Knives Magazine. I personally recomend trying to find someone who is familiar with the balisong to show you in person. I have taught several people, and it is easier to do , one on one with knife in hand than it is to try and decipher words and pics in a book.

Good luck wth your quest and remember these two things, take it slow as you learn, speed will come naturally and practice, practice, practice..


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Butterfly Aficionados -- First, please forgive my ignorance, but I would appreciate it if someone would explain the point of the "flash & dazzle" opening display that seems to be common with this style of knife. Unless I'm missing something -- which is entirely possible
-- it would seem that I could deploy my own knife, use it, and put it away in the time that it takes for one of these flashy displays. What's the deal? Thanks.

'ya see, most knives only open and close if even that.... I like butterfly knives because there are TONS of ways to make them open and close... well, opening and closing are the same thing... you don't even have to turn it around in some cases.

anyway, it also scares morons Sh**less when you whoop that motherf***er out... hehe.

anyone know what a gravity type knife is?
I heard it but i am clueless

-mike again and again
Thanks for the info, unocide. I actually have a butterfly that I can open fairly quickly, albiet without a "show".

Re: gravity knives, some traditional models are at

Also take a look at the Fox "fast opening" knives at
I have a Fox & the action is extremely smooth. No wrist flick needed at all -- simply press the button and turn over your wrist.

Paladin Press sells a video by Micheal Janich for $20. Its' excellent, starts from zero and takes you all the way through to expert openings. That's how I learned. It's worth the $20 to just watch what he can do.

Ron Knight

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I second RKnight's suggestion, get the video.

I have a book ("The Balisong Manual" by Jefff Imada) and the video by Michael Janich. The book is interesting to read but, it's got alot of extra info (like the history of the knife, ways to carry, ...) besides showing "tricks". The book is worth getting but, get the video first. The video is pure "tricks", alot of things you would never think of.

One note: when I had ordered the video from Paladin Press, they told me it was $30 not $20. I told them the ad that I saw definitely said $20. They said OK and gave it to me for the $20. I assume they advertise different prices for this video and try to get the higher price for it.

Be warned, you'll probably end up needing/getting another balisong for practice.

What about ways of carrying it to conceal it? are there straps you can get that will not appear to be there or something??
The Bali-song Manual will tell different ways to carry a bali-song concealed and unconcealed. A good sheath to carry a 4"
bali-song is a Gerber Appelgate/Fairbaine
sheath, because you can mount it vertically
or horizontal. It works for my BM bali-song.
does the Balisong Manual have diagrams on how to carry and/or the flipping?
does that sheath have a website that I can look at and order it? (I know it isn't, hehe)

and you do mean 4" closed, not a tiny balisong, right??

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