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Balisong Online Knives

Feb 6, 1999
Has anyone bought any Balisongs from Armand @ Balisong Online??? I am thinking of carying his knives but I am worried about sending him $500 for the knives has anyone dealt with him????
Ragnarrok Knives
The last I heard it was still illegal to import butterfly knives.I had a few confiscated by Customs a few years ago.It's a stupid law,but you might want to check into it before you send $500 to a foreign country,hoping to get the knives,only to lose them to Customs.Ken
The law has once again been reinterpreted and Customs has returned to admitting balisongs are not switchblades. Just like a yo-yo ... how long it'll last before the next flip-flop, who knows....

Mike Turber (Dragon Forge) is importing some now, too.

Other news: Benchmade is going to start making balisongs again but not till at least a year from now, and some of us (well, me, mostly) are hoping some of our members in the Philippines will start exporting select hand made balisongs, and we're agitating and fomenting unrest amongst the masses.

-Cougar Allen :{)

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......If you do decide to give it a go, let us know how you make out...... as well as providing us with a list of your inventory. I know I'm always on the look out for Balis.

Clay G.

I'm going to Batangas by next week, and will be hunting down good quality makers of these balisongs. I have to really put out a keen eye for them, coz these are all basically handmade, and it's easy for them to really screw up, which I want to avoid. I'll be handpicking them, but most probably I'll be getting only a couple in different blade styles that are already made, then find someone who can manufacture them according to my specs.

Go Danny....
Go Danny....
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Go Danny....!

Well, actually I'll be getting a couple, and shipping one to Brazil to a friend of mine there who lurks btw (Leandro, come out of your lurking stage and get into writing!!) and am planning to send one there in the States. Question is, I don't really know the issue regarding the legality of shipping a knife into the States. Some say it's legal, some says otherwise. Is there a hardcopy with regards to this issue? any article that can be used as proof that it is in fact legal to ship those to the US?

I just came from the post office, and they wouldn't ship a balisong out of the country, for reasons which they can't tell me. If only I have some proof to show them otherwise...

Email Mike Turber about that -- he's importing them, though not from the Philippines so he probably can't help you with the local problem.

-Cougar Allen :{)