Balisong USA Blade styles

Jun 12, 2001
Hey Guys,

Just acquired four of the old Balisong USA balisongs and I'm trying to identify the blade style of one of them. I think it's a Scimitar but I'm not sure. Does anyone have a link to that old pamphlet that displayed all the different blade types? I's pretty cool as it's a latchless. Thanks.
Here's a scimitar with a Manila latch.......... <IMG SRC="">
mebbe this will help? i dunno.. i saw it and i was like holy crap thats a lot of different blades...

<img src="">
Thanks guys. It's a skeletonized latchless reverse utility.

I think I got a good trade for the four knives. My end was a ten year old Smith Airweight, a Surefire 3P, and a used Kershaw Talon.

My take was a full size Bowie with maroon micarta inserts, the latchless reverse utility, and two of the small skeletonized Balis, one with the utility blade style and one with the tanto blade.

Good trade or not?
Sounds like you got a good deal,but i'm really not sure cause I don't know what your stuff was worth.
If you could,could you put an approximate price tag on the stuff you traded for the bali's?
Also where exactly did you find them?
I'm just wondering where I should start looking to find some older style BM balisong's.
Any help would be appreciated....peace
Hmmm, 2 customs, a 68, and a 69, sounds like a good deal. Are you going to flip any of them?? Thanks.
Well I bought the J frame 10 years ago new for $310.00. Used it as an ankle gun and had put about 400+ rounds through. There was one bad pit on the cylinder and it suffered all the normal abuse that an ankle gun goes through (banged against door frames, complete submersions in mudholes, etc.). I got the Surefire 3P free as a door prize and I bought the Kershaw new four years ago for $69.00. As far as flipping them I don't know. I may be better off leaving them be if they are worth something. Cameron, could you be more specific on the Model 68 and 69? Both of the small ones look exactly the same except that one's a tanto and the other is a utility. Both have the butterfly on them on one side and US Patent No. 4,364,174 Made in USA on the other. There's also a small r by the butterfly.
southnarc: what exactly is a surefire 3P,and where did you find these great knives from?
As I said before i'd like to know where i should start looking for older BM bali's.
The 68 is the 3" utility blade, larger holes are countersunk and the pins are polished. The 69 is the 3" tanto blade, larger holes are countersunk and the pins are polished. If the pins aren't polished (hidden, or even with the handles=exposed) than the utility is # 10 and the tanto (if it has exposed pins) is a #11.
Okay I know what I have now. I have a Model 68, a Model 69, and the two customs. Thanks BalisongMan. Stagger, a Surefire 3P is a small 3 volt flashlight that retails for about $45.00. Laser Products/Surefire is the manufacturer. This was just a one time deal that I happened across so I really don't have a "source" for old PC Customs. I've been doing FMA for about 12 years now and the deal was with an old training partner who was hurt and no longer is able to play. He also sold me three, still in the box, PC Sampson Wee-hawk bootknives. I got a black micarta, a camo micarta, and a bone handled one so it's a matching trio of the three handle styles PC produced. These little knives really rock in a point-down/pakal grip.
thanks for clearing that up for me southnarc.I hope one day i'll get lucky and be able to score a couple of customs for as good a deal as you got...peace