Balisongs baned ...

Oct 23, 2000
Yesterday our federal government passed a bill to ban Balisongs in Germany. :mad:

Now, as an ordinary German citizen not allowed to own:

- any firearm !
- any ammo (in the army they took even the empty rests of training ammo away from us!)
- nun-chucks
- push-daggers
- pen-knives
- cane-swords
- shuriken
- 16" ASP
- tekkos
- any hidden weapon

I'm also not allowed to defend myself with pepperspray against the two-legged beasts (=humans) and after that bill passed paralament I will need a CCW for CN/CS cans or guns and tonfas.

It's up to five years of prison for owning (not even carrying!) a balisong!

Our government is also allowed to censor books with 'violent contents' in order to "protect the youth".
Paladin-Press would not survive one day here and I need to buy martial arts/self-defence books form other countries to get good instruction or information.

Don Rearic posted some time ago some where here:
"Voting is self-defence!"

AND HE IS RIGHT, FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Protect the rights you still have before it is to late!

I will have to search for a hiding place for my collection now ...

"O Tempora, o mores!"
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Here in Belgium everything is allready banned, Balisong, pushdaggers, doubleground blades, pepperspray and the likes, batons, nunchucks, shuriken, throwing knives, automatics...
But 5 years of prison just for owning one? That's just plain crazy!
I'm sorry to hear that. I am constantly griping about our government wanting to legislate every aspect of our lives. Sometimes I forget that people in other countries have it far worse than us.

My condolences.
Im sorry about that. All because the knife has a bad reputation. Makes me glad I live in the US. We can still have them, for the time being.:mad: :( :mad:
:eek:Currently government is trying to put together state boards to regulate martial arts. This is on the voting floor right now for several states. If passed they can decide who is or is not allowed to teach martial arts by means that they will decide. they could also have the power to ban techniques that are dangerous to practice, throws and takedowns for example.:eek:
It would be impossible for them to ban techniques. They cant watch us 24/7. 1st they try to take away the weapons we make. Now there trying to take away the weapons god gave us and my favorite hobby. I dont practice everyday so they can tell me I cant use what I know.:mad: :mad: :mad:
If a martial arts school owner has to have a state license to teach martial arts and teaches a banned technique the instructor could loose his license and not be allowed to have a school.

This is just an example of the power that a state board could have. It could be better or it could be worse. But who are they to have that power in the first place?
Thus we see the natural progression of weapons laws:


Once they've banned guns, they turn to knives. Once they've banned knives and other non-projectile weaponry, they turn to martial arts.

As Jeff Cooper has said of gun owners versus those who own no guns, the non-coper hates the coper. The non-coper is envious of the coper's ability to deal with life, and hates and fears him for this.

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Is it the laws that are F***** or the society that not only allows them but embraces them?
It is the uninformed multitude who votes on things that they have no knowledge of that fucks us over.
oh COME ON! that's just crap! 5 YEARS?!?!?!? Absolutely rediculous.
Let me guess- if you take a rock and break it so it has a sharp edge, do you get the electric chair?

who the hell votes on this kind of shit???
I can only pray that one day they'll look back on this and laugh at the stupidity of it.

remember kids, Hitler was elected
Oh the censorship is pushing it. I'm sorry to hear about Germany. i guess Herbertz isnt going to be making any more knives.
I think this calls for revolution!!!:mad:
sorry to hear abouht the laws in your country we had a similar problem in canada when they forced us to have permits for our guns. we also can not have certain type of knives also but the martial arts THAT HURTS. when we cannot defend ourselves we are in big shit because the crime rate will go up and the ppl who obay the law will get it in the ass. because the criminals wont listen to what the law says so we are the ones in shit what are we suppost to do sit back and say shoot me .I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO PPL sorry for the languge this just pisses me off to no ends .it time we stood up for our rights and make the goverment listen to the ppl. just my outlook so please dont flame me
Borrowed from Razoredj's post in the political arena,

" Does the press have an anti-gun bias? Yes, says Brent Bozell, chairman of the Media research Center. A study by the Center found that television news stories calling for stricter gun laws outnumbered newscast opposing such laws by a ratio of 10 to 1.

In other words, we are hearing only one side of the story. No wonder so few Americans are equipped to debate the issue of guns intelligently.

"Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816. But when the press aligns itself with special interests - such as the anti-gun lobby - critical information is censored, and liberty itself hangs in the balance. "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free ... it expects what never
was and never will be ..." warned Jefferson."

How can the American sheep make informend descisions about the laws that govern us when most people are too lazy to cogitate. When asked before an election, a lot people say, "I'm not sure who I will vote for. I have to do some more research." Their idea of research is what they hear while drinking beer, sitting in front of their TV listening to the new in between watching commercials.

Not that I'm against beer mind you. In fact I'm a big fan. We used to stand for freedom…What do we stand for now?