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I mentioned this knife in another forum, and thought that some folks in this forum might find it intersting. It was offered in the mid 80's for a short time. It looks like a clumsy military style knife with a bayonet blade, but there's a spring inside that propels the blade when a lever is pressed.

It's not the kind of knife that has any real world purpose, other than its uniqueness, and I feel that it's more dangerous than a grizzly on PCP, but you have to admire its complete lack of political correctness!

If you'd care to take a look, go to:
A friend of mine brought one into a college bar(circa '89-90) & fired it into a wall at about waist-height. Made a hell of a racket ("Ka-Chang--Thwock") & frightened the poop out of just about everybody within a 10 foot radius (he thought he was being stealthy & clever). Luckily, we were regulars & the owners of the bar didn't see or hear anything. It's a pretty ugly device- wouldn't mind having one as a curiosity piece.
I think I remember seeing these for sale as "Russian" ballistic knives? They were sold with the spring removed and you could purchase the spring seperately. I think it was a 10 pound spring, and I think the ad was in the back of Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

My wife and kids were just as surprised when those pics were taken!

Heh heh... the guy in the pic is neither skinhead nor anarchist. People say he's a really nice guy, even the Rabbi that Bar Mitzvah'ed him. I know him pretty well!

This was purchased WITH the spring, approximately 2 months after they were offered for sale. After that, the springs were no longer offered for sale with the knife, and soon after that, Congress outlawed the springs entirely. SOF was one of the sources.
Good sense of humor, Fireprez!
Thanks for the pics. I've always wondered what a real ballistic knife looks like, as I know most are written into the laws, but I'd never seen one. One question, though. Where did you get it? Looks rather homemade. Just curious if you made it yourself or what?

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I really can't recall where I got it from. It was advertised in a magazine, probably Soldier of Fortune. I just checked it and there's no markings on the knife.
I admit that it's crude, but it works. I can't even sharpen a blade, much less build one.
Supposedly it's accurate to 10 yards, but I don't have the room to test it.
By the way, nice site you have.
I apologize in advance for any inconvenience but I can't help myself:

Congress outlawed springs? They damn sure should have!

Spring, the most dangerous season of them all! But do we really need a 4 month "cooling-off" period?

Leaf springs, can't be too careful around those tactical trees or leafs. Also, beware autumn when they camoflage themselves as colorful pleasant to look at things just before they invade your lawn. BTW then, what's holding up my truck?

Spring water, 10 cap capacity. Talk about getting hosed.

Bed springs - not going there!

Thank you for your patience. We now return you to your normally scheduled thread.
Ron, not to mention that when I try to load the thing with my shirt off, the spring catches my belly hair, causing excrutiating agony!

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I've found that the best way to load one is to put the covered blade (with the aluminum guard!) in the handle between my knees and "set" the blade with pressure between my legs so my hand is free to lock the firing lever. These things are extremely difficult and dangerous to load with just hand pressure. One major point-the blade covers appear to me to have been designed only for loading the blade-they are NOT meant as a safety device and one would have to be insane to actually carry one of these. Now if somebody could only figure out how to get a spring like this in a HALO...
Ummm..Cappy, you're a braver man than I Gunga Din.

I'd NEVER EVER (did I mention never?) put anything sharp on a spring between my knees. My luck normally doesn't run that good.


Is that thing shar...OW!
Case in point, RonL. In my Emergency Procedures class yesterday we were looking at gory slides (ever seen the movie series Faces of Death? It's a thousand times worse!) and there was one of a guy who had a bullet exit wound in the perineum. What's the big deal, you ask? The perineum is the region between your family jewels and your browneye. Ouch!

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Wow, so the "taint" actually has a name, huh? Didn't know that.


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I load it by placing the end of the handle against my hip then placing the cover of the blade, tip first, against a non yielding and hard surface. I slowly lean into it until the latches line up and stay closed.
When it's in that position, I treat it like a cloiled cobra!!