Ballistol anybody hear of it?

Oct 4, 1998
It sounds like good stuff it is a nontoxic lube. They say it is good for metal wood plastic and even mix with water for a plant spray.
They say it is new in the US but has been around for 90+ years in Europe.
Anybody from Europe use this stuff?
(I forgot the URL)

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Ballistol is good stuff. I don't think I would put it on a plant, however.
I'm pretty sure it is organic too.
It is used by black powder shooters to clean and lube the barrels of firearms. It is also used by a lot of airgunners. Particularly those who use C02 cartridges for propellant as it leaves moisture in steel barrels.
I have some around here somewhere, but never used it on knives.

Bill you got to check out there site. They use it for every thing. I hear of it from Jim Hrisoulas he uses it on his knives and also ths sheaths he makes. He also drinks it to prove at it is not harmfull, at least that is what I am told. I have not saw him drink any.

I have used Ballistol fpr several years now.
It really does work quite well on a myriad of surfaces. I have used it on guns, knives, bicycles and squeaky hinges. Fairly good at all of those things. Overall a really good general purpose lubricant.
Thanks for the url. I have been buying it at Home Depot stores and can only get it in the samller cans.


Being born in Germany and lived there for 30 some years, I'm a huge fan of Ballistol. I use it for all my leather stuff (from watch straps over sheaths to shoes) as well as on my knives. After treating a leather sheath with it you can leave the blade in the sheath and the oil will protect the steel. It neutralised the residues from the tanning process and seals the steel againt moisture and oxygen. After applying it to leather, the leather will turn darker in color, but that effect will reverse over the time.

Ballistol is non-toxic and approved for the lubrication of food processing machines. Besides that it has several medical benefits. When hiking you can rub it on the sored spots on your feet. And you can remove ticks easily after soaking them in the oil.

The only backdraw is it's smell. When you are a hunter, you might want to use it sparsely or let your stuff air out before going in the boonies. It's an organic smell, but I don't think the game will like it.