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Bobby Branton

Dec 12, 1998
I am proud to finally announce that the movie that I worked on a couple of years ago is finally coming out on DVD. Bandida's, starring Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Dwight Yoakam will be release on DVD this Friday. Pizza Hut is having some sort of promotion this week end. For those of you that were not in the lounge at the time, I went out to L.A. to train Salma for her part in the film. I taught her how to handle knives and how to throw them for the movie. After my time in L.A., I was flown to Mexico City and Durango, Mexico to work as a technical advisor on the set and to continue my training sessions with Salma. I also made all of the knives used in the movie, choreographed the throwing scenes for Salma and performed some of the actual throws for the movie. I have not been able to say much up until this point because I have been dealing with the studios, trying to get permission to use certain pics and such for an upcoming article in one of the mags. I promised them an exclusive and that is why I have not even shown the knives to anyone.
The movie was distributed in Europe and South America first and was released for limited distribution in September in the USA. Here is a link to the site which has the trailer and a few pics.
That is great news. Glad you can finally brag about working on such a cool project.
This great Bobby ! I have been waiting for this movie. Salma Hayek and knives this has to be a good movie.
Where's the Branton cameo? Love scene, perhaps?
Wow......A guy that makes fabulous knives and gets to work with two of the hottest women on earth...Does life get ANY better...LOL
Where's the Branton cameo? Love scene, perhaps?

The love scene was a bit to racy for the big screen ;)

The Bowie knife that I made for Sam Shepard is called the Bill Buck bowie. I designed the knives for the cast once I read the script. He then gives the knife to Salma and she uses it and the daggers throughout the rest of the movie.

Just watched the movie. It has some great knife throwing scenes and great looking women. Bobby's name was listed as Knife Trowing Coach in the credits.

See you in June
I jsut saw the movie. It's a great movie and I really like the knife throwing:thumbup:

Awesome job:cool:
It was really cool seeing your name up there and the movie was not bad! Too short - they could've made it longer but it was funny!