Banned from Benchmade!

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Oct 2, 1998
Well it looks like am banned from Benchmade's forum. I may be wrong but here is the message I get when I try and post.

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Your registration request may not yet may have been approved by the Administrator or your posting privileges have been removed.

You may also be trying to post to a forum where you do not have permission to post.

Oh well...

To bad, I was wanting to know if they are in fact getting blades and components made in China now. According to a factory in China, they have been making parts and blades for Benchmade for years. Is this true Benchmade?

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Mike Turber
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that is real interesting is it a good source from china ?? i hate to say it but i guess thats why i cannot trust any company these days there is a lot of that going around made in USA ya right!! more like made overseas put together in USA i bet a lot of people are going to be pretty upset keep us informed

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I know that in today's "global economy" a lot of work is being farmed out overseas, but that's got to be bad for Benchmade's reputation.

Mike- how's your source on this?

Seems like a bad move for the company that touts it's completely made in the USA status so proudly. I hope it's not true.


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Benchmade obtains some of the small parts, screws, etc., from a company called Portland Screw (I've always wanted to work for Portland Screw, a company that pays you to just screw around). Anyway, Portland Screw is just a distributor. It wouldn't surprise me if many of their parts do come from China.
But, I have had the rare privilege of touring Benchmade's factory (because of various practical and insurance concerns, they don't generally conduct tours). I've seen them making the blades. I've seen four very expensive lasers cutting the blade shapes out sheets of steel. I've seen wonderful machines made just for Benchmade by a company in Germany profile and finish the blades (though sharpening is done by hand). I've seen millions of dollars worth of CNC machines making all of the other major parts of their knives. I've seen machines that take in steel rod stock and make screws, washers, and other small parts. While Benchmade's designers, of course, try to use standard parts as much as possible, having these machines allows them use a custom part when necessary. And I've seen groups of technicians assembling the knifes. This is where the "benchmade" comes into Benchmade.

Some small parts probably are made in China. But the majority of most recent Benchmade knives were made about twenty miles from my house, on Beavercreek Road, in Oregon City, Oregon.

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Gee Mike, we just had a controversy over somebody being banned from a forum, do we really need another one here?

I think Jeff is right, this belongs in the GBU forum. I am moving it there Mike, and leaving this locked here. Obviously if you want to re-open the thread here in the BDF, it is up to you.

I just think this really is a GBU thing. Maybe somebody else will ask the question at the BM forum for you and let us know what they have to say for themselves.

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Dear Mike:
Before you start spreading rumors you should get your facts straight. Benchmade never had, is not and will not get parts made in China. I have been working with them for 6 years and not once have I heard anything about China.
Just recently, Benchmade has been communicating with a Taiwan agent about small parts like screws, thumb studs and pivot pins, etc...

Allen Elishewitz
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