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Bark River Knife and Tool Fox River, Stag-bone

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Jan 18, 2003
I've just received a 1st production run Fox River in Natural Stag Bone and solid pins today. It is a solid and beautiful knife but the butt is too wide for me...So I'd like to trade it ideally, for a Northstar. Maybe one with a darker burl wood. I'll consider all NS's and can even out either way. I'm not into the orange or any funky zig zag handles. I'd also consider Tom Krein knives. or other interesting offers.

I'll give this one another go before I start modifying it. I'd do an even swap for a micarta handled NS with mosaic pins.
This one is still available. I'll take either a Northstar or a Fox River with mosaic pins and Green, Maroon, or Black micarta handles.