Barrio Balisong

Oct 26, 2000
One day I'd like to visit/discover Philippines islands.
Surely some of us have already gone there (or live there, don't you Armand ;-) ).

I'd like your advices:
- is there really balisong everywhere, or is it only localized near Batangas?
- are they only for tourists or also for local people?
- when is the best season to go there?
- how is the situation now regarding tourists (hostages, pb with muslim groups in jolo...)?
- how long does it take to go from Manilla to Batangas/Barrio Balisong? (is bus the most convenient mean to travel there?)
- what are the other places to go to when in the Philippines?

thank you guys,

To answer your questions to the best of my ability you must remember its been 10 years since I was last there though hopefully Ill be going back soon.

1. Yes there are balisong everywhere but the best ones are in Bataangas.

2. There are different grades of balisong some of real poor quality and some of real nice quality. Go into Bataangas and try and get a custom order done, its really not too expensive and it doesnt take very long. A custom order is the best way to get exactly what you want as they can usually make much more and of better quality than what is being massed produced for store sale.

3. Bataangas is actually pretty close to Manila but I cant remember the exact drive times.

4. The best times to go is during Winter here in the US as it will be the dry season there. Less humidity, cooler temps, fewer mosquitoes, and more festivities in that time period. Rainy season is extremely hot, humid, lotsa mosquitoes, and rain so best avoid it if possible.

5. I personally dont think theres too many problems with hostages etc... Generally just keep a good head, and try to do things smartly. I may be biased since I have lotsa of armed family there.

6. As for other places besides Manila and Bataangas I usually go to Nueva Ecija and visit family, as well as Leyte. There is also Baguio thats a nice area. I really want to visit Davao and Jolo, real beautiful area with lotsa of distinct culture, but with the current situation I think thatll have to wait for a little while until things get better.

So in conclusion if youre primarily planning to go to the Northern and Central islands have a blast. There lotsa things to see and more different kindsa balisong than you thought possible. Dont be fooled by the crappy Filipino Handmades you see here, the quality of most balisong there is extremely high.