Bartender slipjoint

Nov 14, 2009
I just showed a couple pieces and my internet connection failed for more than 30 days... crap!

Well, I'm here again and I wanted to show a small folder with corkscrew.
It was my second slijoint and my first bartender knife, so it was a nice challenge!
In fact, was a trial for an ambitious proyect... but that's another story.

Blade steel is 420 stainless, satin finished. Corkscrew and spring are 420 too.
Titanium liners, with filework and heat colored.

Scales are Sandvik 12c27, with a small engraving (electro etched) in a vine design.

Blade: 75mm / 3"
Closed: 97mm / almost 4"
Total: 172mm / 6 3/4"

I hope you like it!





Great looking corkscrew! reminds me, I need to pick one up off ebay. (Damn prohibition)
thanks Guys!

Cubane: about hiding the corkscrew, the proyect I was talking about, is exactly about that. :cool:

Michael: Sorry, but what do you mean with "share the pattern". Plans, drawings? No problem, I'm here to learn, and if I could to give a hand.
Please let me know which programs you use and email address. I use Corel.

Javier The knife is very nice I would love to know what tool you used to make the cork screw
I've always thought Bartender Knives were cool.
Some cool :cool: enough to make me want to be a bar tender just to use one. ;) :D
since I've gone to a gluten free diet, I've been drinking a lot of wine and I can never find a corkscrew. I wouldn't have that problem with this knife, I don't think it would ever leave my side, it's just gorgeous.
The grapevines really put this knife over the top man.
What a great job:thumbup:
Thanks again for the compliments!

Michael: e-mail sent

David: I made the corkscrew with a 4mm diameter chainsaw file.

Hello my friend.
Javier, nice work as always. A sober and delicate piece. :thumbup:
I suspect there is something in the same style to show soon ..... and even more interesting ;)