Feb 15, 2001
Hey folks,

I was looking over the pix of the WWII and BAS khukuris on Uncle Bill's website. The designs look pretty similar to me . . . just wondering if anybody could say a little about what's different and similar between them?
I don't have both so I can't comment on performance, but from an aesthetic viewpoint the BAS is the more beautiful knife. It comes with the sword of Shiva, complete with brass inlay. The shop 1 BAS that I have has the nicest engraving out of all my HI blades. I don't know how to describe the decoration on the WWII, but to me it looks like a single engraved line parallel to the spine.

Also, you may want to take into account the scabbard of the BAS. While the WWII comes with the standard HI superfrog, the BAS is the only one of Uncle's offerings to come with a military style frog. Hope this helps.
-------O.A.L.---Wt (g)---Handle----Chopping

Chopping average number of whacks to go through a 2x4, in the 4 direction.

Remember to apply the appropriate +/- kami tolerances.

I like the WWII better due to the chopping performance and wood handle.


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Wow. Less than 50g weight difference and such a huge difference in chopping power? Do you have any sense of why that is?

I think the longer blade gives puts the balance point futher forward and the WWII has a higher impact velocity.

Oops, that was Doc's question.


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The 16.5 inch WWII is nice.

The 18 inch WWII is an absolute dream.

The BAS is alright.

I'm not putting the BAS down. I have a pair of them. But if I want to go that small, I go down to a 12" AK. If I want something handy, I go the the 16.5 WWII. I don't have an 18" WWII, but I do have an 18" WWII blade with a Hanuman handle on it. Yvsa thinks the 18" AK is the perfect all around khuk, I think the 18" WWII is.
Forgot to add, personal prejudice, I like the WWII khukuri. The 18” WWII will do the 2x4 chop in 10 blows.

If that isn't enough to confuse you, occassionally a batch of "Giant" BAS's will show up.

Just be grateful you can't compare them hands on. If you did you would be the proud owner of a BAS, a WWII 16.5, a WWII 18, a Giant BAS and probably something else you'd never seen before but that was "just so cute".
I'm with Rusty.

When you're faced with a shed full or even partially full of khukuris and have someone Like Uncle Bill to continueously drag them out for you you're faced with many tough choices that may or may not reflect the condition of your wallet and you happily forget the bills due the next week or month even......wheeew, thought I would never get that out.



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Ugh- tell me about it. Every time I think I know what I'm saving up for I reconsider. Was leaning toward the Malla, then the Kobra, now like the looks of the two military khukuris.

As already established, I'm doomed. They'll probably all end up under the bed.
No they won't. One will end up in your bed unless you are married. Then it'll just have to settle for the nightstand or in/on the headboard.
And Rusty speaks from experience as do I.

I have a little village BAS and I love it. It stays in the car along with a village chiruwa AK for emergencies.
I like the BAS style, but part of that is the inlayed brass in the Sword of Shiva.
I am a sucker for the inlayed blades
of any kind. But facing facts and HIKV I am just a sucker for H.I.Khukuri's anyway



Indin word for lousy hunter.