BAS usage...

Nov 7, 2000
I used my BAS for chopping the first time tonight.I used it to cut off a few inches from the christmas tree.Had no saw or axe my Khuk seamed to be the only proper tool, and right I was
.It cuts with great effect and precision.I had no room to swing and had to use moderate force.It didn't get stuck and removed pieces of the tree very fast.The angle was close to 90 degrees.I knew it had great chopping abilities, but now I begin to understand its powers.I am extreamly impressed.

Daniel the satisfied.
Sgt.D, that's exactly what I was using my WWII for. I cut a nice little cedar for a christmas tree. Do you have a WWII - I wonder how they compare? I really love the horn handle, it's a very secure grip and comfortable in this cold. I believe I prefer it over wood. I was in the field artillery for 15 yrs, this knife would have been perfect to clear a firing position. For a long time I used an India-made copy, this HI
khukuri is a million times better. The military should issue this instead of the cheap machete they provide.
As an swedish coast artillery battery HQ troopleader I would've loved to carry khukri.But in compulsary military service we were only issued mora knifes,dull axes and old saws.A khuk would have made "fieldlife" much easier.
I only have a 15" BAS.I could guess that the WWII is pretty much the same but with better chopping abilities due to greater lenght and weight.

My spare 20" Sirupati ( the one behind the truck seat ) did the trimming of the tree's lower branches to make it look nice before I took it inside.

See, I told you guys, *get*the*knife* and then you'll *make* work for it if you have to. Then again if the only tool you have available is a hammer, it's amazing how many things need hammering.
Last year I trimmed the lower branches off the Christmas tree with my 16.5" WWII. The WWII will indeed outchop the BAS due to larger size and weight.

Take a batch of nominally 16.5 WWII's and a batch of nominally 15" BAS's and the smaller WWII's and the bigger BAS's won't be too far apart. A while back Bill got in a bunch of giant BAS villagers the size of a little WWII. I have a "fat" 17" village Chainpuri. If you have one, don't go worrying you should have gotten the other.