Basic 9 and DEET

If anyone owns one of the Busse Basic blades, I would be interested to know if the handle is allergic to 100% DEET. How about doing a dip test by submerging the handle in DEET for at least 5 minutes and seeing what happens. Also try spraying a lite film and rubbing it off with your fingers. - Jeff

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Then you might lay the blade across a railroad track 'til a trains runs over and tell us how it came out!
Heh. Actually, Jeff's test is a good one. Sometimes people buy these knives for survival or camp use, and they worry about whether or not the knife can cut down a redwood (okay, small exaggeration), something they'll probably never really do in the field. But something anyone in the bush might do is spray deet all over the freakin' place to keep the mosquitoes away -- and many synthetic handles melt when DEETed. Kraton is said to suffer terribly from DEET. Wonder if the handle material on the Basics does better.

I asked the people at the Busse Booth at the Blade show how well the handles held up to DEET, but the "Window Dressing" (2-3girls) there did not know the answer. At least they did not have a defitive one. I was a bit upset, but the estrogen on their side of the counter neutralized the testosterone on my side and I found it difficult to get upset to the point of scoffing their answers. Maybe that was the point.

Love that estrogen. It makes me crazy. Heh, heh, heh.

Seriously, IHO it's a planned response.

hey fella's,
I am getting one soon. I will test deet on it. I am not going to drench the whole handle.....just a small part of it. It doesn't matter a whole lot to me if it does something to it. I am not really planning on getting lots of deet if any on it when i use it.
Hey jeff, I am not quite sure if i am wanting to send my basic 9 of or not. I dunno, are the chances good of loosing it? I sure hope not! When you guys go to the jungle, do you take guns? I am kinda excited, today i got to shoot a 357 mag a bunch. they are great! They hardly kick and have some power. In your opinion shoot someone have more than that? Like a 454 casull or 44 mag? Just curious!
DEET test on synthetics handles, to me, is more important than how far the blade will bend without breaking or whether it will punch through 1/2" plate. If a blade is to be used in the wilderness, then it will be more likely exposed to DEET than 1/2 inch plate. It truly shocks me that the Busse booth couldn't answer your question on this. Hmmmm.

Luke, can't guarantee that we won't lose the blade. Much of the bushwhacking we do is out of a dugout canoe while traveling small streams. Although we always attach a lanyard, sometimes the blade gets picked up in a hurry to take out head bangers. If we lost your blade I would replace it, but also understand that it's not gonna come back in perfect shape. We use them hard, so the handles could get scuffed up or DEETed, the spine may get nicked, blade chipped, or rust and blood may seep in under the handle - just depends on the blade. Except for attempting to keep up with test blades, we make every effort to use them as the natives do.

As far as firearms, we don't carry any except for a 16 ga. single shot shotgun which is the only unrestricted firearm allowed for indigs in the jungle.

I've shot the Casull, 44 mags and others, and own a couple of .357s but my favorite shootin' pices is a Colt .45 ACP. - Jeff

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Steve, I noticed on your Kydex site you talked about DEET breaking down Kydex. I've never had this problem *so far* and was wondering is there are different types of Kydex? The sheaths I've used are from KaBar and Livesay.

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