Basic 9 sheath questions

Feb 16, 1999
Well I got my Basic 9 yesterday and I must say in the 43 years I've been carrying and using knives this is the first one that scares me! I don't mean quaking in my boots scared but lets just say a very keen awareness of the incredible damage this bad boy can do accidentally if not handled correctly. Now the questions. What is the preferred method for unsheathing the beast? There seems to be flared thumb release on the business side of the sheath that I'm reluctant to use because I'm kind of attached to my thumb. I'd like to see this on the unsharpened side. Making things even more awkward, I'm a lefty. Does anyone know if a left handed sheath is available or if there are plans to make one? While I like the nice tight fit of the Kydex sheath for a lot of reasons, I find that for me anyway, unsheathing is a very slow, careful and deliberate process. I'd hate to be a position to have to get it out in a hurry.
Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I am sending my Basic #9 To Tim Wegner tommorrow for a scabbard for my LRRP pack and then to Frank Sigmon for a SEAL sheath with accessory pockets. Frank does the BEST kydex and kydex/nylon sheath/scabbard/pocket systems out there. His work is being used (Happily I might add) by SEALS,RANGERS,and other people that go where no man shopuld have to go. You pay for quality and function.



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Gotta link for Mr. Sigmon?

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I'm a lefty, too, when I use knives (mostly). The sheath that came with my Battle Mistress is similar to the one that comes with the Basic 9. I made a kydex sheath for it and put the original one in storage. High Desert Holsters at makes the sheaths for the Busses. Frank at High Desert said that a new lefty sheath will cost $65 plus shipping and handling. You won't have to send your knife in.

I had spoken with Dave at Busse about a week ago and he said they are getting lefties for the entire Basic line in sometime. He agreed to let me swap the one I got with the BladeForums #9 I got. I bet, if you ask nice and send them the righty in new condition, they'd do the same for the other forumites needing a lefty.

Thanks for the tip about Frank's work, BMWGS80.


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Mine is nice and snug also at the handle.The blade seems awfully loose though and is movable enough to rattle back and forth,but is pretty solid otherwise.

This is the first kydex sheath I have ever owned.Are they supposed to be like that?
I was thinking the way everyone talks that the blades fit pretty snug and didn't move around.


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