Basic #9's shpping INFO!

Oct 2, 1998
We have shipped out the first batch of Basic #9's in black. Check the status of your order using the email our shooping cart software sent you. The next batch should be in the first part of next week.

When you get them go out and see how you like them and post your thoughts.

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Mike Turber
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Mike -

Is there a limit on this offer? I'm very interested but can't afford one right now.
"Order Status: Received but not processed"
I'm hoping this means mine will go out after you receive next week's shipment. Oh well... (insert small sigh of disappointment)... my Matriarchs just arrived from SFO so I shouldn't suffer too badly until then.

Seriously, Mike, the ability to automatically check order status is a very nice feature & one that should save you having to answer a lot of follow-up questions. Well done.



How do you check the order status?
I have my order # from the email but I do not know how to check the status......

Hey Orion, go to the place where you would order one and click the link "check status". But Mike, it didn't work and said "internal server error, notify administrator" or something like that.

OK, it worked this time and was shipped today! Yay! And it just so happens to be my birthday today. Is that cool or what?

My order status said, "Received but not processed." I assume, that means the order was received OK, but has not yet been shipped, but it would be nice to get an explanation here so we do not all ask...what the code means.
If you have "Received, but not processed" that means that we have your order, but it's not ready to be shipped yet for one reason or another.

In this case, it's because we ran out of Black #9's, and are waiting for the next shipment.


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YYYYeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Mine shipped yesterday.

Hey Mike - this is the nicest system I've seen as far as ordering and then tracking the shipment. Thanks for including the UPS tracking number also!

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Hey Spark.
I need a 2X shirt with mine.


What about phone orders? Any way to track them,or should I just be patient?


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OK I just updated our shopping cart system to include ALL knives shipped today!

So go look!

Also I included each of your tracking numbers. Go here to track your package.

Also Yvsa just email me for your order info.

When you get your knives let us know how you like them.

I will released a few to dealers today as well. So check with your favorite dealer to get them as well.

The BFC Store will have them through Thursday of next week and then that will be it.

So if you have not got one yet you better hurry!

I got mine!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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