Battle of the Big Fat Blades


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Oct 14, 1998
You've seen them in pictures but never tested against each other.

Chris Reeve's Ubejane vs. Ka-Bar's Warthog

Both are solid fixed blades with nice sheaths and handle ergonomics.

Who's got the edge? Opinions?

How 'bout adding the Livesay Sniper Utility knife to that list?
Yeah, and how 'bout adding a Randall mdl 19 "Bushmaster" in 01 and a BlackJack Squad Leader in A2. BTW, does anybody know who originated the shape that Randall did t;hat BJ copied, that Livesay hints that Kabar stole from him?

As far as which "have the edge", I'm betting on the A2 ones, followed by 01, followed by 1095 at some distance behind the forerunners.

Well, so far, no answers. But two more questions

Frankly, I sincerely hope the Reeve comes out ahead of the Warthog. If it doesn't, all of my values will have to be reviewed....and I am too comfortable with my old ones and too old to take on new ones.

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If you really mean EDGE when you ask "who has the edge", I'll bet on whichever knife has the edge sharpened at the acutest angle. If that's the cheaper knife, then so be it. It wouldn't surprise me if Chris Reeve is sharpening his knives thinner than Kabar. But I've never seen an Ubejane.

Complete and utter guesswork on my part.

David Rock
Just returned from the years first weekend canoe trip this past monday. I took my new warthog and the ugly little thing worked very well for food prep. The chubby belly was just the ticket for slicing up our morning bacon.Since I try not to deforest any area I pass through,I don't chop down trees or clear underbrush so I don't know how the edge of the 1095 steel would hold up under that usage. It is still as sharp after the trip as it was at the beginning but it was lightly used. The handle was great since we had some drizzle Saturday morning but my hand didn't slip while slicing. Un fortunately the guard extends high above the unsharpened edge of the blade and this preventw your thumb from resting nicely on the spine of the blade. A few minutes work with the appropriate tools would solve that problem. FWIW my opinion of the warthog is that it's a good deal and a good but ugly camping knife.
Here's an<a href="">Ubejane</a> picture.