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Bayonet fow OICW

Mar 11, 1999
I want to know about bayonet for OICW.
I have heard about U.S. new rifle trial called objective individual combut wepon.
And I don't know the result.If it is U.S.army's new rifle,it have bayonet?
Bayonett will renew from current buck#11-M9,continu use M9 or not with bayonet?
There is great trial to 21C.'s standerd combut knife?I have no imformation.
I'm very intresting in the trial if it is on.
Buck win continuous?SOG show powre as seal's trial?Gerber turn the tide?
Coldsteel hit great?Benchmade,Microtech,.....who win?
It's so great!

CHic Stone