BC Integral

Jan 11, 2014
Hi good people,

here's the latest one off my bench,still have to make a case for it but other than that it's about ready

It's a O/A 255mm (10") ,Full integral,14260 spring steel,fiber liners,stainless pins,stag,Inlays: blacklip MOPand gold,carved leather sheath,sole author yours truly ;)

Bit of a trivia with this one,it was a bit of a "back to the basics" project,it was forged and stock removed from a leaf spring off a dump truck that has met it's untimely demise in a quarry accident ,the only power tools used were an angle grinder for the heavy lifting and a drill for the holes,the rest was just hand tools,so it's a true 100% hand made and one of a kind,hope you'll like
Cheers ;)
PS: Sorry about the small pics,but for some reason it wouldn't let me upload URL,kept saying invalid file ,don't know why,so I had to upload from computer
DSCI1508editwww.jpg DSCI1429editwww.jpgDSCI1452editwww.jpg DSCI1458editwww.jpg DSCI1483editwww.jpg
Amazing work!! i particulary like the pearl inlay idea, very nice touch. That stag is fantastic. The only thing i think that could work better (in my own humble opinion) on the overall flow is if the ricasso was squeezed a bit smaller and more higher. But the knife as is: a MASTERPIECE nevertheless!!!! Thanks for showing, i hope to see your work often!!
Just when I'm clapping myself on the back for my miserly endeavors into knife making, you post this and I realize how little I truly know at this time.

Just incredible. I am humbled.:thumbup:

LOL,don't be like that Larry,I've got ways to go yet myself ,it's one of those,the more you know the more you kow how little you know lol
That's a mean-looking beauty! Or a beautiful-looking meanie, either way. :D Very good work. :cool:
That's really impressive, on all levels.
When you choose this option you need to uncheck the box that says reference from a local source...then you should be fine. As far as the knife...that is definitely a beauty.

Thanks for the tip ,I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work lol ...next time I'll know,thanks again ;)