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Bead Blast Fix

Oct 2, 1998
Well hears why I got almost no sleep last night.

Yesterday my new James Brothers Cheyenne came. It was a little on the dull side, not hair popped, like we all like em. So I took out my Sharpmaker and started honing away. Da*mn if I didn’t put a little scratch on the bead blasted blade.

Now I have access to a BB at work, but I was aware that sometimes its hard to match the finish on a touchup, and I really didn’t really want to change the finish by blasting the whole blade on this fine knife.

So I went to bed with bad thoughts about how I’d just screwed up a $300 knife and how I was a as*ho*e. Then I remembered reading a thread about someone removing rust on a BBed blade with a eraser! Damn near hit the ceiling popping out of bed.

After about an hour of diligent work with the eraser the scratch was gone!!! And the finish is unchanged!!! My advice now is never leave home without your American Express, or your eraser!