Bear Claw, La Griffe, and the eyes of the law

Dec 21, 2000
I had an interesting experience tonight. I was over at a friend's house, with a number of other friends hanging around. I was showing my friend John a photo of the Kerambit on Szabo's website. He mentioned that he had seen something similar in design at a gun store here in town. Curious, I asked him which store, since I had never seen any retail stores carry the Kerambit. He elaborated, mentioning that the Kermabit only reminded him of something he had seen called the "Talon". Since I carry a Bear Claw, and thought that is what he was referring to, I pulled it out and showed it him. His eyes widened a bit in suprise, and then said what I pretty much expected: "You know this is illegal, don't you?"

Sighing, I attempted to explain to him that such a knife is *not* illegal, whether within Las Vegas, Clark County, or Nevada. He balked, simply stating that he still thought it was illegal, and even if it wasn't, if a LEO ever found it on me, I'd be going to jail on a concealed weapons charge.

At this point, I gave John the benefit of the doubt and followed the assumption that he was simply making such a statement out of concern, and not out of an inherent need to be right.(Just like me)

As I thought about it though, his statement did cause me some anxiety. Although I know for a fact such a knife is not illegal where I live, I am concerned that John's point about a LEO's reaction to such a knife is valid. I have a great deal of respect for LEO's, but I have seen so many "sheeple" reactions to simple folding knives, I am truly concerned about a LEO's reaction to the Bear Claw. And if LEO's have a problem with a Bear Claw or La Griffe, I can't imagine their reaction to a Kermabit!

I still believe in the adage of "Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six." However, going to jail on a weapons charge is no small matter. Even if it never gets past court, being taken to jail sucks!

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.


I am curious about this as well. As much as like the design and function of the La Griffe, I can't help but think that a Leo's only reaction to it will be "aha a concealed WEAPON!". What do my fellow forumites think?

I belive that knife users must use discretion when carrying their blades out in public. Unfortunately, in today's society almost any knife can be viewed as a weapon. I personally do not have anything against neck knives or other claw shaped knives, however, non-knife educated people may and will think otherwise. Some Law enforcement officers will also think otherwise.
posted on the other forum too, it only has a 2 inch blade, yeah it looks nasty but it is no more or less danderous than many other common objects. actually it reminds me of some paring knives, and usually that is what mine gett most of its use for.
BULLSH!T. The Kerambit and similar items are knives just like any other. Just because of the way there shaped and held it does'nt make them illegal or different. The blade length is what would concern people and nothing else.
What is this, just because something is good for self defense and may be quick to the draw, a la Kerambit, Commander, etc..
people think it may be illegal?
That is f*ckin bullsh!t, some people would have it where us regular people walk around, not being able to carry anything for self defense while them and their families live in their armed and protected homes and they are personally armed to the hilt.
My apartment has been broken into 3 times in the past 5 years yet I'm not allowed to have so much as a BB gun in my apt. So I have to give my life up because some f*ckin dickhead makes a law saying I can't have a weapon for protection !!!
That's enough out of me. Donald