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Bear MGC Model 401 vs. Gerber EZ-OUT

Oct 9, 1998
Bear MGC Model 401A

Bear MGC Model 401 w/ Eagle/Deer

Gerber EZ-OUT (Model 450)

I'm amazed at the similarities of the handles. I'm very interested in getting the Bear MGC Tanto (ATS-34, bead-blast). Anyone have experience with the Bear? Which one came first, the Gerber or the Bear?

Comrade Chang
The gerber was first, it came out almost a year ago with ats-34 and was around much longer with (425m?) as for the bear... well its pretty but i have had no experience with it, but their damascus folders are pretty nice, and from the picture it looks well constructed..how much does the A model retail for? i think i might look into getting one.

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Well Yoda, here is where I found it:
<a href="HTTP://store.knifecenter.com/pgi-Product%20Spec?BC401A">http://store.knifecenter.com/pgi-Product%20Spec?BC401A</A>

ATS-34 Chisel Ground Tanto, Bead Blast. Looks pretty cool, it like $39.95 at the Knifecenter.

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