Bear/MGC quality

Aug 6, 2000
Does Bear/MGC make good knives? Compare to Buck or CRKT. Does anyone own one of their Damascus blades and what is your opinion?
I only know about their balisong (butterfly) knives. They use inferior handle material, you can expect to break a Bear bali handle sooner or later (more sooner). Don´t know about the quality of their other knives though.

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I have seen a bunch of Bear knives and I have never been impressed by them. I would much rather have a Buck knife.

My $0.02

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I have never used one of their damascus knives, but have a couple of their stainless ones. I would put their stainless knives in the same catagory as a Shrade, Gerber or Buck(not counting the ATS34 or BG42 knives)since they use 440A steel. Fit and finish is pretty good, and I even have a 2 blade Bear MGC pearl trapper that that has pearl nicer than a lot of custom folders. How this pearl got on a $40 folder, I dont know. I consider their knives far from junk, and a fairly good value.

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I have a Damascus folder. It is the large version, which came with a leather pouch.
It was very sharp, right out of the box.

I think it is of very good quality, especially when considering the price.
I think I paid less than $100 for the folder.
A couple years back I gave some of the damascus folders as christmas presents.
The guys that got them still mention how well they hold an edge and that they're the best knife thay ever had etc.
Through a strange set of circumstances that not a one of you would be interested in, bought (got thrown in with a sheath deal) a Bear 110 look-a-like.

The appearance is fine, fit/finish poor, blade had play in every direction, lock does not appear secure but the price was right.

It's a throw-away. It looks good (synthetic stag handles, brass bolsters and shiny 440(A?). For $10,oo it's a great 110 knock-off.
For $15 I'm starting to get concerned and for $20, I'll throw in some beer money and catch a sale on a Buck 110; then I'll have a real knife.