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Nov 9, 1999
I just got a Bear MGC oak-handled razor knife from SMKW and want to give some impressions. The reason I bought it was because I love the design and when Smokey Mountain put them on sale for $12 last month, I had to have one.

Let me start by saying how surprised I was. I've constantly heard Bear put down on the Bladeforums, but I am impressed. The fit and finish are excellent for a knife in this price range. The blade was shaving sharp out of the box, and the oak is beautiful next to the nickle bolsters. The back spring, brass liners, and oak slabs are perfectly flush all the way around.

The only gripe I have with it is that the back spring could be stronger. But on the other hand, the blade is clearly not designed to do heavy cutting so it's not that much of a problem.

All in all I think it is an amazing value and I would rate it very nearly as high, quality-wise, as Buck. After all of the bad reviews Bear MGC has gotten, I just thought I'd give y'all my not-so-professional opinion.
Gotta throw in my two cents worth here. I was at a little local rinky dink gun and knife show last year, and saw something shining at me from across one of the tables about 10 feet away from me. I went over and picked up a Bear MGC two blade pearl handled trapper. The knife had a $50 price tag on it. This sucker had some of the most awesome white pearl I have ever seen, custom or not. The blades were very well ground and sharp as s**t. No wobble and fit and finish was great. I walked out of there with that knife for $40. I have seen pearl not so nice selling for $80-100. I carry this knife a lot and keep it in a nice leather pouch so I dont scratch it up. Yes, Bear MGC makes some good knives.

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The only problem I have seen is the weak back springs. Their lock backs seem to be OK.



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