Bear & Son Cutlery Knives?

Jun 7, 2007
Does anyone have any experience with them?

What kind of steel do they use on their knives?

I know they are made in the USA, which is a good thing.
they get talked about every so often in the traditional forum. the general consensus is if you can see it before you buy it and it's a a substantial discount they can be worthwhile users but never buy one site unseen because the consistency sucks and there are a lot of bad ones. atleast that's how i would summarize what read about them. you can do a search since you are a gold member there are quite a few threads bear not many say good things.
I got given one because the giver knew I was looking for a sodbuster, jr. with a lock and Bear & Son makes one. Mine has a good carbon steel blade, but that's its best point. It also has slight blade wiggle, both side to side and fore an aft. It's not much, but any wiggle is annoying. It makes a decent EDC, but it's nothing to brag about.

Rough Rider is a much better bet among the cheap knives. You can still get a dud, but the chances of doing so are much less, and the chances of getting a jewel are much higher.
I bought this last week on impulse and just got it in the mail today. I'm pretty impressed with the fit & finish. I have a couple of Remington branded knives made by Bear and one of them ( a swing guard) was a little sloppy. This folding hunter is perfect and it came with a high quality leather sheath too.

I hope you have much better quality with yours than the 3 I ordered from SMKW. I

had to return all 3 for quality issues that never should have been missed. They were

all damascus folders. Bear made me a replacement and it was junk too! A liner lock

the liner went 3/4 over on the tang new. I can close it by pushing down on the spline a

couple of times. I cant use it and feel safe with it. You couldnt give me a Bear!!!!!!!!!
When I push down on the spline Im not pushing nearly as hard as I do to test other

liner locks for good strong lockup that wont fold up on me. I didnt get 3 bad Bear

knives in a row by accident. I talked to the owner of Bear in May of 08 who told me

Bear really didnt have anyone working in qc full time -----that was quite obvious!!

Sounds like Bear & Son Cutlery quality really sucks.

Too bad an American company like that can't produce a decent knife.
I have a drop point Feathermate in Stag.

It is sharp as he!!

Is it perfect? No. But it is very nice for what I paid.
Every single Bear & Sons knife that I've seen has been abysmal. I'd steer clear of them until they work out their QC issues. I wish I could recommend them but I really just can't. :eek:
I recently picked up three Bear & Son knives. They were cheap enough all under $30.00. One a small stockman I am keeping because it is nice but I will be giving the other two away for christmas presents to In Laws. The other two are yellow handle small toothpick and yellow handle 4th gen barlow. It was an experiment on my part and there are too many good USA Made knifemakers to buy any more from B & S.