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    First let me say Happy 2018 to everyone that may have stumbled into my forum. Is it me or did 2017 zoom by really fast? Don't get me wrong, 2017 was a good year for JouFuu Leathers. Attended Blade Show for the first time as a Vendor and had a blast! We will be back with a JouFuu Leathers vendor table at Blade Show 2018! I also have some exciting new partnering adventures with multiple custom knife makers coming this year! Good stuff!

    I haven't been posting on Bladeforums a lot lately, but I do check it daily. If you're looking for my leather and/or what's happening in my workshop, you can find me on Instagram. You don't need an account to view it, but registering an account on there expands your experience. Find me by searching for @jou_fuu - I post a new picture just about every day as well as IG only offerings of my work.

    Still working the day job, still working a K9, still collecting knives! Need some really cool pants for your favorite/new knife, drop me a PM or email me, [email protected]

    Today's carry .. JRs Knives 'Junior' in an inverted neck-carry sheath.

    20180107_171138.jpg 20180107_170557.jpg
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