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Becker 9" Combat Bowie trade for almost anything reasonable.**TRADED**

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Walking Man

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May 28, 2003

Becker 9" Combat Bowie
Like new......
Not mint, just because I've had it for around two years, and it's just a tad dusty but never cut with it, the edge is still factory sharp. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with it's condition. No box, just the sheath that it came with, both in great shape.
I'm looking for other production knives, folders or possibly other fixed blades, I'm not too picky, I just want something different, pretty much anything I don't have, especially Spydercos.
NO LAWKS folders (CRKT), please, and no slipjoints.
And no really cheap knives. PLEASE, reasonable offers only.
Might consider flashlights, or other tactical gear.
Also, I might consider trading up, if it's not too much more $$$$.
Depending on the knife, I might trade down.... BUT I'm not looking for cheap junkie knives.
Keep it at the 440C, ATS 34, AUS 8, level please (or high carbon).
I have a NIB/mint condition: Spyderco, pink ladybug. Email me if you're interested.
I'll trade you a fully-serrated Spyderco Temperance FB for your BK9. If interested, shoot me an email.
Dan, thanks for the offer, but I've got a few other offers that I'm more interested right now.
Same to nightstocker and all other that I haven't replied to.
I've replied to everyone that I'm currently interested in.
i also have a like new bench made dark star it has a little where on the clip from pocket and has been sharpend outher than that it looks almost new
I have a Streamlight Poly Stinger rechargable flashlight that I don't use. Had it about 5 years now. Has both home and car adaptors. Haven't used it in about a year. Needs a new battery(which cost about $25.00). Batteries last about 1 1/2 years regardless of use. Let me know. I probably won't be back on the puter till Sat,
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