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becker 9 or ranger 9 ?

Aug 3, 2006
can somone help me here for the money witch one the becker or ranger and does any one have pics thankyou or a used one to sell sheep
You need to look in the Knife Exchange here on BF, to look for a knife on sale. This isn't the appropriate section for that.
Here you go dude, a pic just for you.

Look around on the secondary market. I got my BK9 for 35 bucks shipped. It was used but in good condition. Wasn't looking for one but the price was right and I had the extra scratch at the time. I sold the sheath later for 15 bucks as I had a spare from my RD9. Good deals are around if you aren't in a hurry.

Which do I like better? I'd take either. My Ranger is a custom and the profile has been thinned so it's a bit better cutter than the Becker. Ranger probably has a better resale value should I want to get rid of it. I had a micarta RAK and an RD7 that didn't last long once I put them out there. I saw my old RD7 in a trade forum yesterday and it got snapped up again real quick.


Well, Ranger has better warranty (not to mention Camillus has gone under, but it applies even if Camillus haven't).

Also Ranger have micarta handles, whereas Becker uses plastic.

I'd pick Ranger :thumbup:
Ranger Knives are excellent knives. Justin, who owns Ranger Knives, is GREAT to deal with.
I don't own a RD9, but I would sure pick it over the Becker. The scales on the Becker are too slippery. Also, the 5160 steel used in the Ranger knives is better for a big chopper. It is a tough spring steel, used to make car springs, and is sometimes used to make swords.
I also would say tp go for the RD-9. Jack: yours looks quite nice. Heck I need one to accompany my RD-4.