becker bk16 for sale


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Oct 23, 2011
knife 1:

Brand new, never used, never cut anything BK16, in the original box, with original sheath and 2 sets of scales brown and black, $60 shipped ( picture 1 )

Knife 2:

used bk16, comes with origianl box, original sheath, sheath comes stock with two button snaps around the top of the handle, one has been removed for easier deployment, the knife was used one time to carve up some wood, no batoning or chopping was done, knife needs to be sharpened as my brother attempted to sharpen it and made the grind slightly uneven as seen in the pics, nothing major just need a few minutes on a stone, $55 shipped ( picture 2,3,4,5 )

I accept paypal

please email me directly if interested, please do not reply to this thread or PM me. I cant check it often enough at work, I receive emails right away tho.

[email protected]

this is also my paypal email