Becker Knife & Tool Campanion

Oct 3, 1998
After posting pics of the Campanion in the What's New forum ( ), I've finally had a chance to use the knife a couple of times. I used a large limb, roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter, to break the knife in by chopping it in two. This is where that chunky handle comes into play - ultimate comfort. The rounded and contoured scales fill my hand nicely and throughout the task, I never felt any discomfort. Not even any hot spots. In terms of the blade, the deep belly drop point and spot-on edge geometry made the wood chips fly. It's got an aggressive bite. The next thing I did with the Campanion was to try whitting. Again, same results - edge had plenty of bite, with the belly of the blade providing plenty of area to work with. Handle is again comfortable. I was able to choke up on it without any discomfort.

I have not used the knife long enough to evaluate the ease of edge maintenance for the 0170-6C steel. From what I've been told, this steel performs like A2 tool steel. Time will tell...

For its size, the Campanion has a lot of cutting and chopping power. I'm really impressed with it and look forward to using it more. Somehow I get a feeling that this won't be my only BK&T knife

Dexter Ewing
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Have you carried it around a while? The reason I ask, is that my one reservation on this knife in particular has to do with the weight and overall bulk.

While the grip appears to be stellar for everyday use, does it hang up on things when you are out and about?

The weight of the knife is such that it seems as if it would be too much for the belts most people wear. Does it sag or pull excessively on a standard belt?

Your comments on performance are exactly what I expected when I saw this knife at the SHOT SHOW. I think a lot of people will find this to be a very good knife for their needs at a good pricepoint.

Stay Sharp,

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Hi Sid - good to hear from ya. Yes, I've been carrying the Campanion regularly since receiving it. Definitely, weight is a concern here but after a while of wearing it I got used to it. The belt I wear is 1.5" wide, and its of thick leather so it does not tax it much. As far as the grip hanging up on stuff when I'm out and about, so far this is not a problem. Time will tell, though. The only problem I can see with the Kydex rig is that the webbing strap loop that you pass the belt through has a pretty wide opening (good news, it will accommodate any size belt). Sitting can be a bit of a problem as the rig does not "hug" your side like wearing a CQB-1 with the Tek-Lok for instance. Therefore if you ride in vehicles or on a tractor, the rig will flop around a bit because you are seated, due to the excessively large belt loop.

If you think the Campanion is heavy, how about carrying a Brute or a Machax?
Hope this info helps.

Dexter Ewing
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Living life "on the edge"

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I'm, not talking to you anymore. I still haven't received my Campanion yet.....sniff sniff. And here you are praising it AGAIN!!! Just pour some more salt in my open wounds!!

Sheesh, and here I thought all us NC Knife Knuts could be friends!!!