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Beckerhead Music

May 16, 2006
When I opened a thread that was titled "Beckerhead Music," I thought I might find a bunch of fellow musicians' recordings in here. Believe me, I've made much dumber mistakes. But seein' as how I was all geared up for sharing some of my own music, I figured I'd go ahead anyway. The video needs a little explanation though, which I will offer by way of copying and pasting part of the Description I put at the video page when I posted this to YouTube nine years ago:

"The music is all mine and all me. I recorded it several years ago when I had some MIDI gear and a little Tascam 4-track "Porta-Studio." The first song is "I Took A Chance" and the second one is "I.B. Jammin'." They're nuthin' special, just filler for the vid. If you like 'em, great, if not, well, that's great too. But do me a favor and don't critique the music. I posted the video for the flight, not the train wreck(s)! LOL"

So just reverse the request in that Description. I posted this here for the music, not the simulated flight. You are welcome to critique either/or, or probably better yet, ignore both. LOL