Been lurking a while and now, need a EDC fixed.

For you KSF Adirondack sheath users How far does you Izula or Bravo necker stick out of the top of the sheath???

With what I was planning on spending I think Ill just order both knives (one can never have to many plus I have two boys) but I am still undecided on the Adirondack sheath.

The BravoNecker and Izula both stick out about an inch from the sheath. The entire sheath will fit into the back pocket of Carhart Work Dungaree's and not stick out. The top of the Bravo Necker will maybe stick out 1/8 inch from the top of the pocket. I've NEVER had a problem with it catching on something after sitting down and then standing up.

I'll try and round up some pics for you.

(edit: here's a pic)

Good choice on getting both!:thumbup::D
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Spyderco street beat.Great sheath,vg-10 stainless,full tang 3.5'' blade.
Keep it coming but thank you all very much for the rapid responses and the extra effort to post pics and thoughtful responses.
I think the Izula and BRKT Necker are both good choices, but as a few mentioned for around a $100 you can get into a nice custom

Landi PSK



Landi MPS





JK Anniversary EDC


there are lots of other suitable knives from makers here, too many to list :)
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With a budget of up to $250 you are easily in custom range.

Lots of nice pocket size fixed blades out there, made to order or "off the shelf custom".:thumbup:

You could even buy an Izula to use while you wait for one to be made for you, and still have cash left over.
Here is the Bravo Necker in the pocket sheath


Until the end of today, if you spend $200, you can get the pocket sheath for just $1
I am starting to get sensory overload here, I LOVE IT. Actually I think I am driving my wife a little nuts though, we have looked at every knife on KSF about 5 times a piece now and with 1229 BRKT alone the eyes are burning.

I like that TUSK for utility purposes but like the spear point or drop for the occasional field dress for my game birds etc.. Caught my eye though and reminds me of an ultra durable and oversized utility knife. If I was using it for just work stuff I think it would be top of the list for me.

I know that it is kind of counter defenition of "custom" but how often do the makers have items sitting around and what do you suppose are some suggestions of who to look at without hurting feelings as I have no idea where to start. I am still getting some Barkies and RAT's but we are getting more then a few for the kids, wife and myself so I am willing to consider some customs as well.
sometimes makers will have an item or two for sale in the maker for sale forum- they tend to go rather quickly, so best just to keep an eye peeled out

a lot of the makers only have 4-8 week wait for custom orders- obviously this varies, but most don't have overly lengthy waits
I thought I would post a short update to my earlier advice needed post as I have been putting to use both the izula and bravo necker in the adirondack sheath and would like to give my impression on pocket carry in the KSF Adirondack sheath. Let me preface this by saying that I love both the knives and I am sure the sheath works for some of you based on the fact that some of you use this combo even wearing the same pants as me, but here is why it is a no go for me. Simply put when wearing it in the front pocket of my carhart work dungarees it is a constant nusiance anytime that you bend, squat, and especially sit down. My pants are not uber tight fitting and I am a slender and fit person so if you fit my build and style please take note if you are considering the same mode of carry that I am. I think that if your front pockets are ultra deep then maybe this would be a non issue. Regarding carry in the back pocket I consider it to be a fail for me there as well; it is quite comfortable especially when compared to the front pocket mode but when you sit down the handle DOES flare out to the point that unless you have kevlar seats in your truck or car the handle will wear a spot in whatever material you have. The soft rounded pommel of the izula is less of an issue but an issue nonetheless. I would hate to sit down on someones leather couch and mark it up or something. I think for me it will have good use for a sheath that I can toss in the bag or something but for my intended EDC pocket carry I will have to go a different route. Hope this helps any of you that are considering the same type of setup.

I would like to add that KSF has been a great company to deal with and I love all my other products (Bark river Bravo, Kephart, Necker, and RAT Izula plus some misc. items) but I feel it fair to give my honest impression of how the pocket sheath fits my intended use to hopefully help future researchers.
Either something from Bark river knife and tool or something from Blindhorse knives. Blindhorse makes excellent knives and the owners are stand up guys.
JK knives has quite a few knives that would fit your needs very well. Check out his forum. Great knives.