Been meaning to thank you for this Dwayne

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    Dwayne, I've been meaning to thank you for your work and for putting up with my wild requests.

    I've had this rig for a while now, and though I haven't had the chance to use it as much as I'd have liked, I have put a decent number of miles on while wearing it now. It has become my preferred method of carry for my large knives and hawks. It's super comfortable to wear, the weight of a big Battle Mistress (or two sometimes!) just disappears. It keeps long sheaths out of the wet brush and deep snow as they're not down by my knee like a dangler would be. It's comfortable under a jacket, and even with a slung rifle on my shoulder. And I can pick and choose what blade or hawk I want for that day. I really can't say enough how much I like this rig. Thank you again.

    Some pics of the epitome of large knife/ hawk carry. Sorry if they're crappy.

    IMG_1174.JPG IMG_1175.JPG IMG_1173.JPG

    And under a coat with what I was carrying.

    IMG_0195.JPG IMG_0196.JPG IMG_0197.JPG
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    That is awesome! I remember working that rig, and thinking it was a great design. I wish I could remember who I got the pattern from.

    Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

    whoops, Looks like I have a membership to save up and renew asap! :eek:
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