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Before it's time

May 25, 2000
After seeing the arc lock and all it's varients, I remembered an old knife by Gerber, the bolt action. this knife did not seem to get nearly the hype or the popularity of the current ones.

Is there really much difference or was it just a matter of being in the right place at the right time?
That bolt action was a nice knife. I could open mine one-handed, even though it didn't have a stud or hole -- it was just so smooth.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works recently had a great sale on a few models. They are still around, although I don't think Gerber makes them now.
The Bolt-Action was and still is a great knife. I wish that Gerber still made it. I believe that the knife was designed by Blackie Collins and is made by Meyerco Knives now under the same name of Bolt-Action.

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it's a fine knife- if Gerber had attached an opening stud, it probably would've had a longer life span- looks like it got eclipsed by the "ready-made" one-hand openers.

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I still have one and use it for hunting. It is really an outstanding knife that has maintained a "motionless" lockup over the ten years I have had it. The blade swings into place effortlessly if you pull the "bolt-action" back and let it drop! GREAT KNIFE!
Gerber still incorporatest the bolt action lock in their knives. The 600 series multi pliars all have them, and the chameleon knives do too. It does seem like they forgot what they were doing though with the chameleon. I haven't heard anything good about its lockup. It sounds like its got a short bolt and a wimpy spring so it doesn't seat itself properly.

Thats part of my problem with the Axis lock knives. There just a different version of the bolt action lock. Maybe not quite as wear resistant either, all the components are round, which means a small surface area where they come in contact. Less room for wear. Same idea as denting the stop pin on a liner lock, it causes blade play.
Seems like your paying for the name too. They've got quality materials, but not anything really special. Meyerco knives makes a bolt action ( blackie collins design) for less than $50. I saw it advertised at galyans once ( maybe a year ago
) I don't know what it was made with though.

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I agree about the wimpy lock on the Chameleon. The original Bolt-Actions by Gerber were superior. I heard that Meyerco was making the new Bolt-Actions, but I've never seen one. Is the quality the same as Gerber's was?