Belt Buckle Knife?

Not bad, but ... Expensive. Speed? No big deal. Speed isn't a deciding factor for me, anyway. And it looks like a knife, it's pretty obvious.
What's with people posting at the same time? :D

Valois is classy. You have to see one of their octacanes to believe it. Wicked! But also expensive.
i didn't download the .ram file, but i watched the animated gif on the page. i must say, if that's the fastest that knife can be drawn and opened, that's... well, to be polite, it's just not very fast at all. i can EASILY out-draw and open my mini-Grip faster than that fellow -- shoot, i can put it away about as fast as i open it, so there doesn't seem to be any advantage to the belt deal. at best, it might be neat if it were somewhat incognito, but just as Esav points out, that thing screams knife at the top of it's lungs!

even the "while wearing chaps" point is moot: people often carry IWB, right above their junk, which would be clear of the chaps anyway.

the big selling point is speed, so i'm going to go out on a limb and assume the maker and his buddies usually open their knives with their feet.

abe m.

"(bonus) accessible even when wearing chaps...

Greg has to take orders that he knows he sometimes can't get out for 7-8 weeks ... But, be warned, these prices are not going to be around forever. Greg can hardly keep up as it is. Demand is pushing him to work long days and he still is having a hard time keeping up ... When his fingers give out, and his hands get too tired, prices are going to go up, way up. There's no other choice. He just can't work night and day forever. Get yours now"

Dang, this guy's got a 7-8 week backlog! And he's practically killing himself working day and night to keep prices low for all of us chap-wearers.
I don't get this. Everyone knows a fixed blade is faster to draw and present than any folder.
You don't have to reposition the knife in your hand after opening, as it's always open.
You don't have to find the stud with your thumb, which in an excited state, can be difficult.
Not that I don't like folders, as that's all I use as an EDC, if I were to carry a fast drawing defense knife, a medium-sized fixed blade would be it for me...(in a handle-down, or horizontal belt sheath) ;)

Kinda pricey for junk steel. Hell, it's kinda pricey for quality steel.
"so it's agreed, there'll be trouble."

-- wait no, i mean, it's agreed those belt buckles are lacking.

abe m.
I've seen those knives demonstrated at a motorcycle swapmeet this summer. I was matching the deployment speed with my cheap folding kerambit "wave" style from my LFP. The guy making the pitch wasn't too happy with that....The sale is made mostly on the "gee wiz" factor and the scale decorations. It is quite a small knife for me, and crude. Maybe for 20 bucks as a curio, but not the prices they wanted.
And what an unnatural draw! When your arms are at rest, they're at your sides. Instead of drawing your hand up and over, you can draw it up a little, grasp the knife, and continue. And it's not even waved, so you still have to flip it open! A clipped folder can be easily waved. No way could that thing be as fast. :barf:
Hell, if a zip-tie can wave a Spydie, then I guess a belt buckle can make a cheap flea market folder a tactical wunderkind. :rolleyes: :barf:

Not impressive in the least.

Edit: I just saw the price. Even more ridiculous.
Yea, 200$ for unspecified Steel

GarageBoy, it doesn't matter what steel it is...or how its lockup is...or how smooth its action just matters that it's on your belt buckle, where your arms naturally rest, and we all know that the belt buckle draw is the fastest draw this side of the universe. Duh :rolleyes: :p