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Belt clip sheat for my Powerlocks

Dec 11, 2006
I am looking for a belt clip type of sheath for my SOG Powerlocks. I dont use belt loop type of sheats because I prefer to clip to my waistband.
How do you order one? What is the price? I tried to get more information from the web page but I couldn't.
Which one the sheath or the clip widget?

For the sheath, hit the "add to cart" button and then go through the order check out process. The page I linked is part of a much larger site belonging to Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool

I see what you mean about the clip widget, their order server isn't working. Hit the "contact" us button and send them an e-mail. They also have a phone number and a real-mail address on their "About us" page. They seem eager to sell their clips and should get back to you.
I dont think that Clip it company is still actively taking orders. I made contact with someone via email who asked me to tell him what I wanted so he can mail one out to me but after placing an email order several weeks ago and trying to email contact, I have not gotten anything in the mail, nor repsonse via email.
That leaves Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool. If they come up dead, I'll have to go rummage around a bit further or maybe one of the other SOG regulars will scoop me first.:)
The sheath form Pioneer Valley looks like a combo between a knife sheath and a phone holster.

Does anyone who can comment on the sturdiness have one? If it has decent durability, I'm after some.