Belt Grinder HP

Dec 8, 2017
Does anybody have a 2x72 running with a VFD and a 1 hp motor? Do you like it? Is it an actual problem not having 2hp or just not optimal?

I’m wondering how big of a deal the jump from 1 hp to 1.5 hp is for a 2x72 grinder.
I’ll be running it on a standard 20 amp household circuit (110). From looking at Pheer and OBM, it looks like both have an option for a 1hp motor with a KBAC-24 or a 2 hp with a KBAC-27 that will run at 1.5 hp on a 110 circuit.

It’s only about a $200 difference but those $200 are kind of huge for me.
I've seen a handful of makers running a 2x72 with only 1hp. Can it be done? Sure. Will you wish you had more? Probably. Does an extra 1/2hp make a difference? It can. If you're running something like a small wheel attachment, or smaller contact wheels, you likely won't notice a huge difference, but when you start running a flat platen and trying to hog material with larger contact wheels, rotary platens, etc... you'll likely start bogging things down, or at least heating the motor up, which wears things down faster in the longrun. A little "headroom" is never a bad thing, and personally I think $200 is worth the extra money. In the long run of using and enjoying your grinder, $200 is pocket change.
I would definitely try and swing a 1.5. personally I would not go lower. I have a 2ph running on my pheer but it's wired for 110 & 1.5hp. my last grinder was wired 2hp. Nice but I have not felt under powered at all 1.5
Get the grinder with 1hp, use the $200 saved to buy a new 2hp motor and use the 1 hp for a disk grinder. Once I finally got a disk grinder I wonder how I got by without it. Really saves a LOTS of time on finishing a blade.

That way for the same money you've got both a 2hp 2X72 grinder and a 1hp disk grinder..... well, you would need to spend an extra $60 for the aluminum disk.
From what I understand, I’d also have to buy a new VFD as the KBAC 24D won’t run a 2 hp motor.
Shucks, you're right, part of that $200 extra is for the VFD upgrade. I don't know much about those KBAC drives - I use the cheap Chinese drives - $62 shipped for a 2hp version. You do need to put a filter over the air inlets or mount in box, but that's not much problem.
I use the cheap Chinese drives - $62 shipped for a 2hp version.

From what I can tell, I can get 2 hp motor and a VFD for less than the price difference between a full package and a grinder only package. Unfortunately, I know nothing about motors and wiring them.

For a guy who knows NOTHING about this stuff, how hard would it be to but my own motor and VFD and wire it up?

Also... Where would one shop for these $62 drives?
If you are still considering a kbac 24d. I just picked up one new in box for $145 shipped off eBay. He then then offered a second for $110 which I bought. (Two for $255 shipped) Said he had a few left. Try to make a best offer on one for $120-130. If interested look up eBay item # 143112944092 sellers name is seamacmu and they ship from Massachusetts.
(Not connected in any way with seller, just happy with purchase/3 day shipping). I am using them on some cheap baldor 3ph/1hp motors I picked up ($20 each) for disc grinders.
Thom, that's heck of a deal for a KBAC drive. $20 for a 1hp 3 ph motor? Show me the way (depending on shipping cost) :)

The VFD drive price has increased to $63.50 it looks like:

To me it seems dead simple wiring up VFD drives and motors, but been doing it for years. "IF" that grinder package comes fully wired and VFD programmed, might be the way to go just to keep things simple. The KBAC drive is a real winner and you'll not regret getting it.
Thom, that's heck of a deal for a KBAC drive. $20 for a 1hp 3 ph motor? Show me the way (depending on shipping cost) :)

Got lucky on Craigslist. They were removed from a local school shop class and replaced with 1phase Motors for the class room and sat around for a few years. I was told they needed industrial strength gear but did not have 3 phase in the class. Picked up three, 2 baldor (labeled delta and brand new) and a marathon.
There's plenty of videos on wiring VFDs on youtube. It's pretty straight forward, IMO.
I’d be happy to help if you have any questions with the wiring (im an electrician) but like drew said there’s plenty of videos out there
Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it someday but this time I just decided to pony up and buy the package. OBM with a 2 hp motor and the KBAC-27. That and some belts from Pop’s are on the way. Heaven help me.
Lol! I know the feeling. I pick up my Pheer next weekend, and just ordered two dozen belts from pop's, some steel from Alpha, and a number of things from Amazon. I thank God for a supportive wife lol.
I’m running an Ameribrade with a 1hp 1750 with 7” drive wheel and a vfd. I love it and have only bogged the motor down twice when horsing around hoging material that was belt width and thick. When I’m not horsing around there is plenty power for hogging profiles and whatnot. I’m very happy and have used it well over a year now. I bought a motor vfd package off dealers electric, believe I paid $275 shipped for the motor and vfd