belt sander angle guides

Dec 1, 2004
Just got my 1x30 leather belt from Lee Valley (sweet!) and saw on the manufacturers (surgi-sharp) packaging that they offer a "universal angle guide" for 1" belt sanders. Anybody used this device and, if so, what were your impressions?
I ordered one of those guides and their leather belt. I hope to give them a try this weekend.

Also, I just received a set of Wusthof Icon cutlery. Anyone know what how they sharpen these things at the factory. These things will draw a pint of blood just by looking at them.
Honestly, I've never used an angle guide for sharpening on the belt. Try it without first, you'll be amazed how simple it is to control the angle when you're looking down on the spine.
I purchased an angle guide. It works with sanding belts, but only edge leading. (pushing the edge in to the belt. :()

It does not, I repeat DOES NOT work with the leather belts. :thumbdn::thumbdn:

IMHO, a waste of money. :grumpy:
Good question. I haven't read anything about the Surgi-sharp Universal Angle Guide anywhere. But I have the item. So here's what I know about it...


It's a simple angle guide for making flat bevel grinds on a belt grinder. The ramp is only 1.5" long from top to bottom. This works well for small blades and not so much for, say, a cleaver. The adjustments are a little shakey, but at least they are made with knurled thumb screws and not wing nuts, hex nuts, etc. There are angle marks on the side so you can ballpark your angle measurements fairly easily. For exact measurements, spend the $25 for an Angle Cube. The angle guide clips on top of the existing platen on your grinder. However, you need to make sure it fits. The inside of the clip measures 1-1/16", so your platen can't be any wider than that.

The irony of this product is that it doesn't work out-of-the-box with the leather belts sold by the same company. The same holds true for any belt thicker than about 1/16". This can be remedied by simply grinding the ramp back an 1/8" or so on your grinder.

Most grinders are set up to run counter-clockwise. Since soft belts like the leather belts need to be run in an edge trailing (clockwise) direction, you will need to have a reverse (DPDT) switch installed on your grinder if you want to use the leather belt with the angle guide. Otherwise, you can just freehand strop for that sharpening step.
I don't think OP is gonna reply lol. This thread is over 4 years old. In any case I'm dreadfully scared of power tools so I can't really give any opinions.