Belt Sander Use

Oct 25, 2000
I have a 2x42 belt sander/grinder and I have worked with it a little bit on non-precision required things. My question is, what is the best way to use one to precisely grind a blade? I'm looking to do a "V" grind on a 6 inch blade if that helps.

I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination but, I have thrown a lot of sparks over the years. I have a cheap 2"X48" belt grinder that I have modified a bit trying to get just what you are looking for. Make sure your platen is flat, and your belt is moderately tight against it. Next? practice,practice, and more practice. I know that sounds trite but, it's the truth.

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Feather the belt on the side that you are grinding in the direction of the plunge.

O.k., lemme explain!

You grind the blade "edge Up". So, if you are holding the blank such that the point is to the left and the handle to the right, set the belt such that it is running 1/16" off the right edge of the platen. That way you get smooth plunge cuts.

Oh, and don't start at the plunge! Start in the middle of the blade or so, and work into the plunge area.

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