Belt sanders

Feb 13, 2001
I am in the middle of making a knife with just files and hand sanding, but last night I saw a couple of belt sanders at lowes that were very inexpensive. Here is the link..

They are Delta 4" and 1" belt sanders and they sell for 69.00 and 99.00.
My question is would either of these be a good way to move up from files or should I just keep saving money and get something else? I would appreciate some input on why these would not work or what they are lacking so I can know what to look for in the future. Thanks.
Sep 23, 1999
Those kind of sanders will get you thru about a month. Then you'll either get tired of it and quit or take the plunge and buy a Wilton or a Burr King. You can buy a Wilton Square wheel for around $900. Thats alot but it's the lowest priced serious belt grinder I know of, short of building your own. It's well worth the investment.

Take care!! Michael

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Dec 14, 1999

You forgot '...or burn out the motor'.


I would recommend that you finish this knife with the files and sandpaper. If you are still excited about making another with the help of a grinder, I suggest something that uses 2X72 belts and has at least a 1 HP motor. These range from $335 for a Grizzly to over $2000 for a highly optioned Hard Core. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, but I have a Grizzly and feel it has a lot of value for the money. I have done quite a few modifications to make it more user friendly, most of which cost next to nothing. The machine doesn't allow for variable speed, which, after having used a Bader and the Burr King with variable speed, is a major downside. With the higher prices machines, you get versatility and use right out of the box.
Another option is to build your own grinder. With the help of Grizzly, who sells the same grinder without the motor for $150, I am building a versatile grinder with variable speed and things like a small wheel attachment that I designed. The project, including the 1 HP DC Leeson motor I bought off Ebay should squeak in under $500, but I have been very patient in acquiring the high dollar items.
Do a search of this forum for information on the grinders. There is much more information than I can remember to put in this post.