Benchmade 220 Fixed Resistor sheath question

Aug 17, 2000
I just received my Resistor today and really like it! It's the perfect size for me to carry but I am unable to carry it because of the sheath. It holds the knife so tightly that my pants get pulled up by the sheath when I try to draw the knife. Is this common for the factory sheath or is mine particularly tight fitting? I would like to contact benchmade and get a replacement sheath but if they all come like this one there won't be a point. I'd like to get a custom sheath sometime soon but I don't want to send away my knife right after I get it.
I know my Nim Cub sheath is pretty tight. I guess they make them all that way so there is no possibility of the knife falling out or coming out on accident.
I have a resistor and love the knife. That said I think the factory sheath is total crap! Mine did not seem to hold the knife too tightly though it is certainly was not a loose and sloppy fit. You might try knocking down the small indents that fit into the screw holes on the sheath as a means of reducing the amount of force required to unsheath the knife.

I had a knife maker do a custom Kydex sheath for me which I MUCH prefer to the factory sheath!
Mine is like as you describe. I think you are supposed to draw the knife by gripping it with your fingers, your thumb then falls naturally on the sheath and by pushing your thumb against the sheath, you pop the knife out.

The knife otherwise does not draw out smoothly as in a leather sheath.

I like the sheath as it holds the knife securely and it is very unlikely that the knife will drop out.
I think the best thing to do is get a custom sheath made how you want it. You have to remember production factories have to produce a sheath that will work ok for 90% of the people who buy the knife. Therefore the better companies make a sheath that holds excessively tight as to keep the knife and the user safe and to keep the knife from getting lost (and having it be there fault from making a bad/loose sheath). They also need to make it tight to protect against any natural wearing in that may take place over time. A big production companies sheath, chances are, won't be a perfect fit for you, which is why there are a ton of sheath makers out there who can make you something out of leather, nylon, kydex, wood, steel, gold, ect that will fit your style and method(s) of carry.
Mine works perfect as long as I do what airyq suggested. Your thumb is meant to be used to draw the knife. Try it a few times and you'll find it easier and easier to do. Great knife btw, I love mine!
Well after reading a couple more replies I have to say I use my thumb to get the knife out as well. I do that when drawig any knife from a kydex sheath. I still vote for a nicely made aftermarket kwdex rig for the Resistor though the difference in overall mass is amazing compared to the one they come with from Benchmade. That is not a slam on Benchmade eitehr, I recently bought a Spyderco Ronin and I am pretty sure it is goign to be getting a replacement sheath as well as the factory one is not very satisfactory and even the thumb trick leaves the knife VERY hard to draw.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Using my thumb to draw definitely makes it easier but I was planning on carrying it for a reverse grip draw so I wouldn't be able to use my thumb to draw it that way.

I'm thinking about filing down the 4 little indents as Chris suggested to reduce the tension on the knife. I'm worried that if I do this the indents might then scratch up the handle if I don't file them perfectly. Any advice for how best to do this or input from anyone who's already tried?
Try using some 600 grit sandpaper to sand down the little bumps. This should leave a nice smooth surface on the plastic of the sheath that shold not cause prooblems marking up the knife handles. The G10 handles should be much more abrasion resistant than the plastic of the sheath anyway.