Benchmade 610 Rukus review

May 7, 2004
Just received this bad boy today, marked "First Production 0831/1000" (although was not advertised as a first production on the web site). This thing is big! The handle is substantially thicker than the Skirmish, but still fits the hand well as it is not as wide. The clip is a big improvement over the Skirmish, the only drawback for me is that it is painted black, and could easily get scuffed/chipped (I wear a wallet chain on the same side as the knife). There was a thread either here or the other board about whether Blackwood or another guy was the designer, but Blackwood's stamp is on the blade. The black G10 has a "smoothed" (for lack of a better word) finish on it, very unlike the G10 on either the Spyderco Civilian or older Nimravus. The green canvas Micarta has a much more textured finish, feeling almost like the "papery" (again, for lack of a better word) texture of the G10 Spydie Military, but smoother. I don't own any other Micarta-handled knives to compare it to.

The drop-point S30V blade has a satin finish (billed as "pewter") that is very fine and smooth to the touch, contrasting nicely with the rest of the knife. I would like to see the semi-stonewashed (lines from the machinery still slightly visible) finish from the Ti Skirmish on future releases of the Rukus, although the pewter does fit very well with the "earthy" (for lack of a better word) overall feel of this knife. That is was scary sharp right out of the box should go without saying for a Benchmade. The blade is very thick and the spaces between the handle liners is correspondingly wide, the gap looks wider than it is (to me) due to the locking mechanism being entirely contained in the pivot (Axis lock). The liners themselves are very substantial, adding to the "big knife" feel of the piece.

Fit and finish are superb, the only potential (cosmetic) drawback being the black paint which seems like it will be easily chipped on the liners, screws, and clip. The lockup is very solid- evoking images of bank-vaults and missile silo blast-doors.

In all, this is a great knife, especially if you have big hands or want a big Benchmade folder, this is about as big as it gets for BM, in a way it feels bigger in the hand than even the Skirmish due to the thicker handles.

Two big thumbs up for this big-dog Benchmade!!
Jul 15, 2005
Nice review! I have one of these also (model number 0836/1000 which is pretty close to yours.) and I love it! Great feeling in the hand with superb ergonomics and I love the handle shape which fits perfectly to the contours of my hand. I have heard alot about the "boring" blade shape but i happen to love it and think you cant ask for a better all around blade shape.


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Feb 18, 2000
Ive had one for 6 months & like it a lot.i dont understand why bm chose to black coat the liners & axis bar on this & the presidio.i like the satin finish better.theres no black coat finish in the world that will hold up on a knife,without showing wear,if there is, ive yet to see one.....
Oct 30, 2005
Fine review of a fine knife.

I like mine.

Plenty of handle, good blade profile, etc.

Sorta wish the micarta was left rougher for more grip and the axis studs were more inset to prevent unintentional unlocking.
Aug 2, 2001
GarageBoy said:
I like the handle, but it doesn't quite match up with the bladeshape

The blade is perfect sized. Excellent relationship to handle in all grips. Would be good with gloves. The handle allows you to choke up or down on it with great utility. Love mine, had it a long time....seems like. Never hear anything abut them. I bought a pre-production version first time I saw it before ever hearing a peep about it.

If great marketing is silence than Benchmade did a great job marketing it....LOL.
Its on the cover of the catalog. Its described as big in the text with a tiny picture. the ad copy looks like it was written by someone describing perennials in a nursery. No waves here on BF.
I think they blew it, but I no longer care how bad a job Benchmade does with marketing Im on to bigger and better things.
Still a very good knife design.
Jun 25, 2006
great review! I want one of these and will have one before the weekend.

I like big folders. I have an 806 right now, and it seems too small. Don't really like the D2 steel much. I have a chinook II that I also carry. I like the blade shape, and steel, but I like the AXIS lock. Seems the answer is the 610. I got to play with one and its just the right size.