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Benchmade 690

Nov 14, 2000
Has anyone handeld the BM 690 by Allen Elisewitz? I saw a picture over on there forum... WOW it sure looks nice! Anybody know who has these for sale and for how much? Might be a late Christmas present for myself LOL! Thanks

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I don't think it is in enough stores for someone here to have seen it yet. So no one has handled it yet for a report.

The photos of that clip are a turn off for me. But it would have a good deep carry.

I got to handle the prototype at the NY Custom show. Don't know if BM has been shippping it out yet.
very nice a very typical elishewitz design. about the same size as the osbourne 940. clip point, Ti linerlock, ti bolster, wood slabs, 154cm I think.
it runs to the smaller of the two sizes Allen makes as customs a medium sized knife for most amout 3 -3 1/4" blade. lock up was perfect, has a Elishewitz raindrop style Ti clip.

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There are reports of the 690 being seen at some dealers..My dealer has not seen it yet. Maybe after the holidays. The clip is identical to those on all of Elishewitz' new customs.
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Any chance of someone posting a pic?</font>


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The official word from Benchmade is that they are in the middle of the pre-production run stage (1000 numbered pieces, all of them combo edge satin finish) currently. By the end of January-early February they will ramp up for full production on the 690's. Not sure which blade formats/finishes will be released but they will be offering the knives in both plain and combo, satin and coated. Benchmade is going to be using a new coating, not their proprietary BT2, on the 690. It's a boron carbide coating that a BM official said that will resist scratching better than BT2. It is not a black coating, however, but a dark blue-ish purple coating. If you look at the blade from a distance it will appear black but up close you can see that it isn't. Pretty cool huh?

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Thanks Dennis! Thats really a nice piece,Benchmade really has been putting out some excellent collaborations.
I was surely hoping the 690 was going to be a bit bigger, but it appears from what I have read here that it is about the same size as the 940.
The 940 was just too small even for my small hands. I would like to see the 690 ( which isn't even out in numbers yet ) sized about like the LCC. Maybe a large & small edition?

Surely I can't be the only one that found the 940 to be too small.

If we're talking about the new Benchmade with the Ti liners, wood scales, and decorated bolsters, I handled one at Chesapeak Knife and Tool at the Dulles Town Center in Ashburn, Va. It was nice, but a bit too artsy for me.

I handled one at a store about a week ago--very nice. Benchmade stepped it up in the looks department on this one--I would have bought it if not for the combo-edge. Not as smooth as I would have liked, but of course it was brand new...overall, great knife.

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I posted to the Benchmade Forum asking if anyone wanted to sell me one.

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From everything I've heard, the bolsters are carbon fiber, not Ti. Pictures available at BM's forum.